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Some random thoughts

Today is Sarah's birthday dinner, but I have no idea what time we're going to be picked up for it, so I'll just type some thoughts while we wait. This birthday dinner will be unique in that it will also have missionaries. Sarah wasn't very happy to find out about this. I'm not sure why, because the missionaries don't care what they're eating as long as they are, in fact, eating, but things were made a little more clear as we rode through the New Orleans bayou on our way to pirate land. Apparently, Steve's middle child doesn't want the missionaries to know that he's a picky eater, and that means they have to change Sarah's birthday menu to something he will eat.

Speaking as picky eaters ourselves, we know people can be cruel about others' food choices (or lack thereof; either way it's ridiculous, but true), but if you don't want people to know you're a picky eater, you can either stop being a picky eater or stop caring whether or not people know. We obviously opted for the latter. I don't know what happened, but apparently it all worked out, because when we called Mom to find out what they were having, she told us they were having clam chowder in sour dough bowls, which was what Sarah changed her menu to as we rode past the Blue Bayou restaurant, where people were eating just that.

Speaking of food choices, Mom's been dieting for a long time now, so when she goes to restaurants, she's always getting salads. At Disneyland, she told us the story of how she asked a waiter at a restaurant if their fruit salad had any berries. He said no, so she was appalled to find out that half the thing was full of strawberries. Both Sarah and I thought, "But strawberries aren't...oh." And that just goes to show once again that common sense is not entirely common, or sensical.

The Firefox spell checker is telling me that sensical is not a word. That reminds me of a time long long ago when Aurora was telling us about a conversation she had with our Aunt Zina about how we have all these words like "disgruntled" and "inane," but you never hear of anything being "gruntled" or "ane." Gruntled actually sounds like it would mean exactly the same thing as disgruntled though. Athena suggests it's like flammable and inflammable. But seriously, if "disgruntled" means "unhappy," "gruntled" should mean "happy." But "gruntled" is just not a happy word.

I think that's all I have to ramble about today. Well... not quite. There's this one story a guy told in Sacrament Meeting last week that I think is worth sharing. He was on his mission, and one of the member's birthdays was coming up. She was going to have a celebration at her house, and she invited a bunch of people. As missionaries, he and his companion normally would have shown up at the beginning of the party, grabbed some food, and snuck out to go do more missionary work, but that night they had three appointments, one right after another. Before they left for them, they heard a message on their answering machine telling them not to forget that it was this person's birthday.

They went to their first appointment, but the person wasn't home. So they figure they'll be a little early to their next appointment. They get there and there's no one home, but there is a note on the door saying, "Don't come back." Their third appointment had called at some point during the night to let them know they couldn't make it. So now they had a whole evening free and had to figure out what to do with it.

Then they remembered, hey! it's her birthday. We can go wish her a happy birthday. So they went over to her house, hoping to sneak in as the party was dying down. They knock on the door, and hear a surprised noise. The woman came to the door, and when they said they'd come to wish her a happy birthday, she went and got them some food. As it turned out, no one had come to her birthday party, and her family hadn't even called. She had just gotten down and prayed to the Lord to send her a friend when the missionaries knocked on her door.

The guy telling the story said that this was a strong testimony to him that the Lord cares about each and every one of us, enough to cancel all the plans a couple of missionaries had one night so that this one woman could have a friend on her birthday. And I feel like I should add something to that, because we've experienced stuff like that, but I think it speaks best for itself.

Today I'm thankful for missionaries, being able to afford having the heater on, the end theme to Tide-Line Blue, happy birthdays, and the pretty Christmas lights on Sleeping Beauty's castle.
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