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Stage fright?

Once again, there's a new episode of our podcast up for anyone who's interested. It went up a little later this week than usual, because we were Procrastinating. We've been suffering from a mild case of stage fright. Ironically, I think we might be more confident in this one. I was feeling pretty confident about doing it this week, just not wanting to actually do it. So maybe it wasn't stage fright so much some mental block preventing us from wanting to record? On the bright side, we donated three thousand grains of rice at FreeRice! The first time we played it, it put us in a bit of a silly mood, which is ideal for making podcasts, we think, but today it didn't help so much. Ah well.

After we published our podcast, we decided the best course of action was to brave the cold cold weather to get Slurpees. Why Slurpees in December? Well, we needed to get milk anyway, and the 7-11 is the closest place that sells gallons of milk. And why on earth would anyone go to the 7-11 and not get a Slurpee?

Last night we watched Tide-Line Blue. I have no idea why we like this show so much, but we do. It just has a nice feel to it, which is kind of strange because it kind of takes place post-apocalypse. And the ending theme makes us happy. We've seen it before, but we still have no idea what happens in it for several reasons. First, it was two years ago. Second, we were watching it raw, and we couldn't understand half the dialogue. We'd watch it and be like, "I have no idea what's going on, but I love this show!" This time, we're watching it with subtitles, and suddenly everything makes a lot more sense. And the third reason is that the last episode never aired in Japan. When we checked the website two years ago, it said there would be a few episodes coming out as an OVA to finish the series, but when we looked it up on CD Japan last night, apparently they just stuck one more episode on the last DVD and that's it. So now we definitely need to get the last DVDs and watch them.

I keep wanting to buy new video games. This is bad, because we're having a hard enough time focusing on getting all the way through the ones we have. Why do they have to go and make games with a bazillion endings anyway? And we need to keep learning our Hyakunin Isshu! Man, so much to do, so little time. And yet we spend it all here, trying to be interesting on LiveJournal. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Slurpees, Tide-Line Blue, having lots of fun video games, subtitles, and being only one DVD away from allowing ourselves to sign up for Netflix.
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