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Disney character conventions

I'm not sure what I'm going to write about today, but I'm sure I'll think of something. Athena's talking about the weird fonts on an icon making it hard to read, which reminds me of the hat we saw at Disneyland. They've got a lot of hats and shirts and stuff pretending like Disney characters have their own sports teams, like... I can't remember any of them because my brain doesn't have much room for sports, but Athena says that doesn't matter because this particular hat may not have been trying to be sports related. She may be right, because we couldn't find a matching shirt, although we were told by one of the cast members that they do, in fact, exist. It had a picture of Chernabog (you know, the demon guy from Fantasia) and said Chernabog Choppers on it, so the choppers could be a reference to like those fancy motorcycle type things, but then I don't see why that would be related to Chernabog at all unless there was a sports team. But Athena points out that you have the Hell's Angels biker gangs, so maybe that's why?

Anyway, because of the font and the fact that they capitalized not only the C, but the G at the end of his name, it looked like the hat said Chernabob. (The cast member in the Briar Patch said she made the same mistake.) So then I started imagining all the Disney villains at the Disney villain convention they have every year (I imagine) and they all call him Bob, which to me is just hilarious. I wonder if he minds being called Bob, or if it bugs the heck out of him.

I imagine Disney characters having conventions. The other main one I imagine is the Disney fairy convention, which has, of course, the Fairy Godmother, the Blue Fairy, Flora, Fauna, Merriweather, and the Enchantress from Beauty and the Beast. I don't think Tinkerbell would attend. She'd be at the pixie convention with all the fairies from Fantasia. But I really think the Enchantress from Beauty and the Beast needs more credit, because she's awesome and has a really pretty dress. She'd hang out with the Blue Fairy and, when she's feeling especially angsty, talk about how nobody even knows she exists. (The Blue Fairy can commiserate some, but she's gotten to be in a few parades, so...) And Fauna would make her tea. But for the most part, she doesn't mind, because she's awesome like that.

Wow I'm talking about Disney a lot lately, even for having come back from a trip to Disneyland recently. I guess that's what happens when we stop downloading anime. We need to watch our Tide-Line Blue DVDs so we can join Netflix again.

Today I'm thankful for imaginary Disney character conventions, chocolate toffee pretzels, sheet music for the Fantasmic! finale, kitties wanting to spend time with us, and the Enchantress from Beauty and the Beast.
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