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You know that's a real guy in a suit?

We really ought to exercise more. My legs are still killing me from Disneyland.

What was I going to talk about today? Oh yes, there were a few fun things that happened at Disneyland that I forgot to share yesterday. The first one happened while we we in the Mad Hatter shop in Fantasyland. We happened to be in there at the same time as a group of Japanese girls. Athena commented that it was kind of strange to hear somebody other than me saying "yappari." But anyway, I was walking across the shop and almost collided with one of the girls, so we both stopped. She got her bearings first and said "Sorry" with a cute Japanese accent, and then I replied with "Sumimasen." When she heard it, she froze for a second, and then said, "Ooohh." It was very cute♥

The next thing was in line for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, which is across the street from the Dumbo ride. See, Disneyland has a lot of ads for their whole holiday setup, and some of them show Dumbos from the Dumbo ride wearing wreaths around their necks instead of the ruff they normally have. We couldn't remember since it had been so long since we'd been to Disneyland at this time of year, so we were curious to see if the Dumbos really had wreaths, which they didn't. So Athena made up this scenario in which a Disneyland cast member is explaining to the little kids why Dumbo isn't wearing a wreath like in the pictures, since they have to "value the magic" (that's the V in the Disneyland SERVICE model) and all. She said the obvious answer is that all the needles scratched his neck too much, then pointed out that it could be a problem if the kid was a smart aleck and said, "But I thought elephants are pachyderms. That means they have tough skin." It took her a moment, then she answered with, "All the years in show business have turned him soft."

And the last thing happened when we were on our way to Tomorrowland for Finding Nemo. The Matterhorn was closed for renovations, but sometimes there were cast members there, I guess to explain to the guests why they couldn't go on that ride, and we passed by one of them. Sarah suggested we ask him if the ride was closed because the guy in the abominable snowman suit was sick.

This dates back to August 2004, when we were at Disneyland with friends and we decided to go on a quest to find hidden Mickeys. The park was closing, but we were passing by the Matterhorn, so we thought we'd ask the cast member there if he could tell us where the hidden Mickey was. I don't remember all the details, but at one point, he said, "You know the abominable snowman in there is a real guy in a suit?" He said if we waited half an hour, we'd be able to see him coming off of work. We totally would have taken him up on it if we hadn't had to meet people in Main Street so they could go home, as if going home was important.

Anyway, we think it would be a neat joke to spread around, so please tell all your friends!

Changing the subject completely, we finally got a not-stupid ending in HaruToki3 last night. Those game designers are such trickers. So many things where I applaud their deception. Anyway, I wonder if they let the voice actors help with the story development, because it kind of reminded me of the alternate ending for the Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning anime that Akira Ishida came up with and told about in an interview we read somewhere. Apparently there was a showdown between Eyes and Kanone, and they both did their finishing attack move thingie, and Eyes got Kanone, but Rio got in the way and protected Eyes, so he won, but he lost Rio and was very distraught about it. And there was something about melons. I'd have to find the interview to remember what it is.

Today I'm thankful for days when my legs aren't killing me, pirate talk, Usagi's Sailor Stars single, getting those contracts in the mail, and HaruToki being awesome at tricking its players.
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