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Freeeeeeeak OUT (freak out freak out)♪♫

That was the vamp I made up this morning. baranoneko was freaking out about school stuff, and she said that she wished she could have a big musical number to make her feel better, so we thought the best way to have a musical-theater-style musical number is to just break out in song yourself. But we were freaking out ourselves, and thus couldn't come up with any lyrics. I did manage a vamp, which sounded pretty cool from what I could make out amidst all the freaking out, but now I can't stop thinking about that song...I think it's called "Le Freak"? It goes "Freak out! ...le freak, so chic." And I only remember it because it's on the mix of DDR we were playing all last week.

So anyway, the reason we were freaking out is that we had two Very Scary e-mails to send. The first one involved the work stress I mentioned last Wednesday. As for the second one, what with Thanksgiving break being over, we decided we had no more excuses and needed to take our Big Plans to Phase 2. This involved e-mailing Somebody We Don't Know, and was very very scary. It took us half an hour to an hour to get the short e-mail written, but fortunately while we were doing that, we heard back about the Work Stress, and were able to get that all settled very quickly, and without being fired or hated (at least, we think not hated).

After that, we had calmed down very nicely, but still had enough adrenaline to brave the freezing 51 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to put some work orders in the mail, and on the way back, I was able to break into song about my hands freezing, which just goes to show that it was the stress holding me back. Kind of ironic, because a lot of Disney princesses sing precisely when they are stressed. But then again, those songs seem to come out of anger/sadness/longing, which is a different kind of emotion than social anxiety (though probably not unrelated).

And! we managed to get all that done by the time we normally start work, because we woke up early today. We wanted to decide we were done for the day and go hide with our video games, but we were good and translated a chapter of the happy new Del Rey series anyway. In the middle of that, however, we came back from lunch and found that Somebody We Don't Know had already responded! I'm sure there's a Japanese emoticon to represent the reaction to this (I've seen Miyano-kun use it), but I don't remember it. Ah well. Still, today we made ourselves operate under the theory that despite some of the crazy things we've heard people say, most people are actually very nice, and fortunately, that turned out to be true in the case of both e-mails we sent. The response to our second e-mail was super super nice and very helpful. From what it said, it's looking like we may need to disclose our Big Plans at an earlier stage than expected, but we're still recovering from everything and kind of trying to decide what we want to do next, so I think we'll save that for a while.

In the meantime, tomorrow is probably going to be pretty surreal, at least at the beginning. Mom's thinking of leaving for Disneyland at three in the morning. That's why we got up early today--so we can get to sleep earlier tonight. We meant to get up even earlier than we did (about 7:30), but there were kitties and other extenuating circumstances (we were too lazy and cold to get out of bed). It's only a four hour drive and the park doesn't open until ten, but Mom wants to beat the LA rush hour traffic. But, as we proved again today, waking up early makes the day weird, and it's even worse when you wake up before the sun. But that's okay, because we'll be going to Disneyland.

And now I think it's time to go do something relaxing. Today I'm thankful for super nice responses, not being fired, plans to go to Disneyland tomorrow, warm blankets, and having calmed down enough to be able to swallow cookies.
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