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I wish I could come up with a better subject line.

But obviously I don't wish it that much, or I'd try harder.

It's starting to be glove weather again. Now if only I had some gloves. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if I didn't have to use my hands to type and operate a mouse. My left hand tends to get very very cold. Part of the reason we don't have gloves, though, is that we're picky. We want the fancy kind that looks like a mitten but the you flip the top off and you're wearing a glove but without fingertips so you can still type properly and turn pages (both very important things in our line of work).

Anyway, someone pointed out in Sacrament meeting that our ward's theme this month is "Gratitude: The Path to Happiness." And that reminded me of Buddhism for some reason. Maybe because of the Eight-Fold Path. See, Buddhism says that all the misery and suffering in the world is caused by desire, and so to be free of misery and suffering, you have to give up all your desires (I think the Eight-Fold Path leads to that...but it's been too long since we've studied Buddhism). But I think that, instead of giving up desires entirely, it's like this month's theme says--be grateful. If you're grateful for what you have, you're less likely to want more, after all. And you're more likely to not suffer for want of it. Tadah!

That was kind of cheesy. Oh well. I like Cheetos Puffs. They're cheesy, too.

I was asked an interesting question in church today, and that was, "Do you know how to play hymn #223?" In my head, I thought, "Of course I know how to play it. I sit down at the piano and read the music, which I also know how to do." I just found that to be amusing. But what I said was, "I know how to play anything in the hymnbook, but it's not a question of 'how to play,' but 'how well can I play'?" Actually, I didn't say it like that, but it was something like that. I feel the need to explain that, since I put quotes around it. As you can see, I'm obsessed with making sure all the facts are straight. Eheh.

Yup. Today is full of random thoughts. Like, "I wonder if the reason the photos of Mom and Steve's kids on their hall wall are in order by age except for ours, which are switched, is that Steve managed to convince Mom that the one in the dress with the red flowers must be Athena, because Alethea wears darker colors." Scott said once that Steve told him that the way to tell us apart was that I wear darker colors. I'm not sure where this idea would have originated, because actually Athena has more navy colored shirts, that she wears more frequently, while I usually wear red. It must be because I have black t-shirts. Yeah, okay, I guess I can see that. Still, our choices in clothing have very little to do with color preference, and more to do with what shirts were free, and which shirts represent anime that we like, and/or were free. There was one year at Anime Expo when Bandai had like three different free t-shirts they were giving out, but alas, we only managed to get one kind. I so wanted the Scryed one, too. But that's okay, because we haven't seen Scryed yet. I just liked it because the character designer also did Gundam Seed.

Yup. Random.

Today I'm thankful for not being allergic to peanuts, shiny new fleece blankets from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (that reminds me--the Olympics something fund is offering a "free fleece jacket with your gift of $20 or more." Obviously the jacket's not free--it costs $20. But I'm a sucker for official jackets. Except that it's for the Olympics, which we don't hate, but we have bad memories associated with them.), activities that allow me to keep my hands under warm blankets, plans to go to Disneyland in two days, and those little peanut butter-filled chocolates from Palmer's.
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