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Disneyland Report!!

Now that I've regained some of my energy, I thought it would be a good time to talk about Disneyland.

We woke up at five so we could leave at six and hopefully get there by ten. We were actually successful in that goal, but we had to wait a little longer for Celeste to get there so we could give her her ticket. We then decided to split up, because the large group didn't seem unified enough to make the trip enjoyable.

It was pretty much your standard day at Disneyland. It was kind of weird, though, because since Space Mountain's been closed, we always started our day in Adventureland, but because of the Buzz Lightyear ride, we started in Tomorrowland. (Space Mountain doesn't reopen until July 15th. Sad.)

They've really gone all out for the 50th Anniversary thing. They even changed a few things on some of the rides. I think I liked all the changes, except for the fact that they put a table and chairs on the ballroom dance floor of Haunted Mansion. I guess they thought it would be cool to see the ghosts go through stuff. I always kind of figured that part of the reason they're ghosts is that they don't want to admit they're dead, though, so they would probably not dance through the furniture. And they changed the order the tiki gods introduce themselves in the Tiki Room pre-show. That's just weird.

When we wanted to go on the Jungle Cruise, the ride was shut down temporarily for some reason. I asked the guys standing out front what the problem was and they told us some monkeys had gotten into the camp and were shooting everything up. Now that's how to "value the magic" (the V in the SERVICE model they teach all the cast members, because you don't want to tell little kids that there are five Mickey Mouses and four of them are really girls).

The new parade is cool. It looks like it still has some wrinkles they need to iron out, but once they do, that will be a pretty awesome parade. Liked the music for the last parade better, but this one made us cry, so it definitely gets major points.

The fireworks. They were freaking awesome. A lot of people say they like them better than Fantasmic!, but, while they are very awesome, I think we're going to have to stick with Fantasmic!. I think it's for the same reason we prefer to watch a series and aren't so much into the AMV thing. It is going to cause a problem, though, because saving seats for the fireworks is harder than saving seats for Fantasmic!, especially now that everyone's so obsessed with the new show.

I was kind of disappointed that Mickey Mouse didn't show up, because they kept lighting up these two windows that could have been doors on the castle. But, as the guy we randomly talked to because he was wearing an Inuyasha shirt pointed out, they put the blinding light of doom there, so having Mickey there would probably not be a good idea.

As I mentioned in the cut, we randomly started talking to a guy because he passed by while we were saving seats for Fantasmic! wearing an Inuyasha shirt. Actually, thinking about it, he looked a lot like the guy who, last year when we went after AX, we overheard talking to someone on the train about how this girl could maybe be Jasmine if she auditioned and were sad because we wanted to be the Disneyland experts. But he told us some very interesting stories about what goes on behind Fantasmic!.

So he has a friend who played Mickey Mouse in Fantasmic!. One time, as she was going up the lift to make her appearance, the firework thingies Mickey has on his hands went off in the lift, so when she came out, she was on fire. The costume is called Pyro Mickey, so the actor has a gas mask and stuff to protect them in case that kind of thing happens, so she just went out and performed the whole routine while literally on fire.

The other story he told us was that one time, Peter Pan was being irate, and decided to leave right before the show. He pinned a note to the producer's door saying, "Gone to look for the Lost Boys - Peter Pan" and ran away. Then they caught him using his ID to get into California Adventure and fired him.

I do think that I have a much harder time enjoying Disneyland when I don't have an annual passport, because I'm trying too hard or something. I really need to get over that, because I think Athena and I are the only ones who care if people don't get to everything. Or maybe we'll just buy annual passes after AX, since we have to go again anyway for Space Mountain.

And I want to point out that, no matter what they're doing with the fireworks, the area between the Walt Disney & Mickey statue and Sleeping Beauty's Castle has always been and will always be the best place from which to see the fireworks. So when we save seats for the fireworks, obviously that's where we're going to be. Man, these people trying to tell us like they know more about Disneyland than we do...

Eheh. Sorry.
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