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Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Our day may get hijacked again very soon here, so I'm going to start writing now and see how far I can get.

Yesterday started a little earlier than expected. Okay, so technically, it started later, since we slept in, but we weren't up long before Celeste called suggesting we go to an earlier movie because she was awake already and bored. So she picked everybody up and we all headed to the movie theater, and fortunately got there just five minutes before the next showing of Enchanted.

I have a lot to say about Enchanted. I don't know how long it could take, so I'll save it for another entry (if I choose to write about it at all). For now, I will say that, during the movie, I finally figured out why I hated the idea of it so much. (For being someone who likes to analyze things to death, it takes me surprisingly long to figure out why I feel the way I do about something, and I actually end up going on instinct a lot (like Goku!).) For a long time now, there's been this stereotype that Disney princesses are these naive little goody-two-shoes...and I was interrupted by what ended up not hijacking our day, but making me forget the end of that thought. But you all get the idea, right? Anyway, here I am trying to prove that Disney princesses aren't like that, and what does Disney do? They make a movie that says yes they are. Ugh. But I'm done talking about that right now.

After the movie, we decided to go to MacDonald's for lunch, which is why I was mentioning sundaes yesterday. While there, we discussed Celeste's boss not giving her the day off on Tuesday, and various plans to get her out of work anyway, since that's the day we're going to Disneyland. I really think the kidnapping one was the best, but we're pretty sure someone would call the police. Maybe what we need is one of Celeste's coworkers to be in on it to fake call the police. And then it would help to have a police officer in on it, too, in case people need reassurance or something. One thing we did realize, though, is that, while Celeste's boss never gives her the actual day she wants off, she always offers the day before as a peace offering. (The same thing happened when Aurora was getting married. Hello, her sister's getting married on Friday. Having Thursday off is not going to help.) So next time she just needs to ask for the day after the one she wants off.

After MacDonald's we went to Sarah's place and played DDR for a while. That was a great adventure. You haven't lived until you've tried playing Dance Dance Revolution on slippery hardwood floors. Oh boy. But on the bright side, we didn't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

Dinner was nice. My one complaint is that for some reason, at Mom's place, crescent rolls seem to be the only kind of dinner bread allowed, and crescent rolls don't count! Oh well. I'll just have to make a special request for Christmas. We were all too tired to deal with cutting up the chicken much. At one point, Sarah was pulling off a drumstick for herself and she said, "I don't enjoy pulling corpses apart." I agreed, but Celeste told us not to talk like that.

After dinner, we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and then spent a little time learning the Oompa Loompa dances from the DVD extra thingie. Celeste was so into it that she put it on "dance forever" and just kept dancing for I'd say about half an hour.

Then at one point Celeste and Sarah got in a tiff, and Celeste was a little bit sulky for the rest of the night, so it kind of killed the mood. We managed to keep having a good time for a couple hours after that anyway, and then we came home and were very tired. And now today, we're back to our vacation. Though I guess we were still on vacation yesterday. Hm.

Today I'm thankful for floors that don't make DDR pads slide around, chocolate silk pie, Oompa Loompa dances, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and not having our day hijacked.
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