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Here it was supposed to be a relaxing vacation.

We always knew that stress has a way of balancing out, so it's not surprising that even though our roommate stress is gone, we have lots of stress in new areas. Like work. Fortunately, some of it's good stress. The main reason we're stressing out this weekend is that we're working on Big Plans (probably not very exciting to many other than us, but to us, very exciting), and Big Plans inevitably require you to go out of your comfort zone. It's kind of funny, because when we came up with the Big Plans, we were so excited about them, but now that we're getting closer to being able to carry them out, we have to talk ourselves back into it, because nerves have talked us out of it. But since we think it's a good plan, and not a whole lot of bad could come of it (potentially hurt feelings in the worst-case scenario; that's about it), I remembered the line from Kingdom Hearts that says, "The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes," and it seems very very true. Fortunately, talking ourselves back into carrying out the Big Plans is proving to be fairly easy. Still a little freaked out, but we'll get over it.

In happy news, Celeste and Sarah (the former of whom loves eating and the latter of whom doesn't hate cooking) have decided that we four sisters are going to have Thanksgiving as a family. None of us is willing to attempt cooking a turkey (they're going to buy a precooked rotisserie chicken), but other than that, it looks like it'll be a pretty neat experience. Athena and I are so picky we're happy with just chicken (we do prefer turkey, but what are we gonna do, right? Cook it ourselves? That's ridiculous *grin*) and rolls (rolls are a food I don't get nearly enough of; bread is severely underrated these days. Stupid Atkins), so I don't know what else is on the menu except for dessert (peanut butter squares... and I'm not sure what else, but Sarah (our shopper) liked the idea of a Claim Jumper's chocolate silk pie when I suggested it). And mozzarella sticks, because they're our favorite appetizers.

And then we'll go see a movie. There still has been no mention of what movie will be seen. This morning we got a Disney Insider's newsletter telling us that the score for Enchanted was done by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, and we're like, "Crap," which is pretty strong language for us. The thing about Enchanted is that it's a spoof. And it's live action. Yeah, yeah, it's got animated bits, sure. But it's mostly live action. And we've been having issues with society's apparent current opinion that real movies aren't animated. So here we have Disney, the people who are supposed to restore the public's faith in animation, making a live action spoof of their own movies. And we're just not sure how we feel about that. But now Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz have teamed up again, and they have really fun songs to sing to. We may not care much for Pocahontas, but seriously, how can you not sing along to its soundtrack? We only hope that in the end, the message is that fairy tales aren't so bad or something like that. It is possible that they're using the idea of a live action spoof to lure people in and get them more interested in the actual, non-spoof fairy tales again, after all.

Today I'm thankful for having plans for a family Thanksgiving, parentheses (I think I may have used them too much this entry...), fairy tales, no neighbors pounding on their ceiling (our floor) while we played DDR today, and rolls.
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