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We've turned in our translations, we've mailed all the necessary books back, and we are officially On Vacation!! Woohoo!!!!

The original plan was to start out by playing DDR until we dropped, but we ended up stopping much earlier on than that. I thought my muscles were getting tired, but after we stopped they seemed fine. Ah well, best not to overdo it, anyway. It's kind of risky playing DDR, since we're on the second floor, and we know our downstairs neighbors aren't the most compassionate of people, but fortunately, thanks to the cat incident, I have a good idea of which car is theirs, so we can make sure to only play while they're gone. We still worry when we have to jump, though. We could turn that off, I think, but that seems...wrong somehow.

After this, we hope to start playing Final Fantasy IV. We really want to play FF4 this weekend, but we had to clean off the PS2 controller, so while it was drying we decided to play through the ending we were close to in HaruToki3. That was a lame ending, so we went back to chapter 4 to see if we could get the event that we wanted to work out the way we wanted, and it turns out that was a mistake, because we could, and now we're like, "But... Sensei!!!!" But it'll all still be there when we get back from FF4, assuming we don't find time for both.

Um... what else did I have to talk about...?




Not a whole lot, it would seem. That's sad, because somebody needs to liven things up around here. Let's see... we have a weather alert on our desktop warning us about patchy frost...

Incidentally, I think it would be fun to dress up as Hakuryu and Kokuryu from HaruToki3. Since they look the same and all. And we're twins and stuff.

I think it's kind of ironic that I'm so excited about our vacation and yet I'm having such a hard time thinking of things to write about here. I guess we have to go and do all the fun stuff first.

So, that being said, today I'm thankful for being inside where it's not frosty, having a chance to play DDR 'til we drop!, our comfy new workout pants (we got them at Target the night we realized we'd need to get some exercise done if we want to survive a one-day trip to Disneyland from here), having bought Final Fantasy Chronicles all those years ago, and working dance pads.
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