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We are officially staying here for Thanksgiving. Yay! It was really nerve-wracking last night for some reason. Mom called and told us that the reason she wanted us to go was that she felt guilty abandoning her family on Thanksgiving. She admitted at the very beginning that the reason was really selfish, but we still hate making people feel bad; we're such suckers. At the time it didn't occur to me how silly it was to make someone go somewhere against their will because you'd feel guilty that they wouldn't be there, but Athena was adamant about not going, so I managed to not give in anyway. But the conversation was cut off without a resolution, because Mom and Steve had plans, so she said she'd call when they got back.

So after we watched Peter Pan extras DVD, I remembered that Mom was going to call and I felt sick the rest of the night with worry. I don't know which idea made me more sick--the idea of saying no to Mom when she obviously felt very bad, or the idea of saying yes and actually going. She didn't call last night, but she did call this morning, and I managed to say definitively that no, we're not going. So we talked a little longer about it, because I wanted to make sure Mom was okay, and she said a lot to justify it for herself. She pointed out that Thanksgiving was never that big a deal for our family growing up anyway (which it really wasn't, probably because we lived so far away from any extended family), and she knew that we didn't mind and all that, but Steve just makes such a big deal about Thanksgiving being a family thing. So to recap, the person making Mom feel so guilty about abandoning her family on Thanksgiving is the very same guy taking her away from her family on Thanksgiving. And really all I have to say to that is


Okay, now that that's out of my system, it's time to focus on much happier things, like all the awesome things we get to do now that we have those five days back! One of those things needs to be exercise. We have zero stamina these days, and we have a week to fix it. Why? Because we have to get up at two in the morning a week from tomorrow so we can drive down south and spend the whole day at Disneyland!!!!!!!!!! (Athena: What do you think? Not enough exclamation points?)

It's kind of hard to believe we're actually going to Disneyland with Mom and Sarah. Celeste's coming, too, but that's a little less hard to believe, because we've been to Disneyland with her in the last three years. Man, Mom and Sarah haven't even seen the Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa animatronics on Pirates of the Caribbean yet. Sadly, the awesome fireworks show of pure awesome and win will not be showing, since it's the holidays, so they'll have the holiday fireworks show, but it'll be nice to see the park all decorated again. Also sadly, no Fantasmic! (why can't we go on a Friday? Oh well), but we will at least get to buy peanut butter heaven, and that makes it all worth it. Yum!

And on top of all that, we just got the Hare + Guu box set in the mail today! We will have plenty of anime to watch during the vacation. We'll see if we get to it, because we also have video games we want to play, and we want to finally get to Saiyuki Gaiden 3. Oh, this is all so exciting!!

Today I'm thankful for taking a vacation, having plans for a family trip to Disneyland (there was a brief scare when Sarah said she couldn't go on the 29th (her birthday, and the reason we're going), but fortunately, we've been able to reschedule), not having to drive to Olympia (I know I said Seattle, but whenever I complained about the long trip, Mom would respond with, "We're not even going as far as Seattle! We're only going as far as Olympia!"), various ways to exercise, and shiny new box sets.
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