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Decisions, decisions

Not many developments on the Thanksgiving plans front. Mom called yesterday to ask if we'd made up our minds yet, and I started to explain exactly what I explained here on LJ yesterday, and as soon as I got to the part about "surrounded by people like Steve," she said, "They're not all like Steve!" And I said something like, "Oh?" and she said, "Yeah. Some of them are like [Mom's older sister], some of them are like [Mom's younger sister], and some of them are like... like you!" "Oh really?" "Well, I don't know if they like anime, but they try to be good people and do the right thing." She probably didn't mean it to sound like the rest of them aren't like that, but it does make one wonder.

Anyway, our current plan is to stay here. I've gotten to a point where I kind of want to help Mom, and it's been a long time since we've had to deal with someone who's just stressed us out beyond belief, so it's easy to forget that that happens. But then I remember Oregon. It's one thing to drive all the way through the northern half of California to get to your destination, but when I remember there's a whole other big state that needs driving through... yeah.

And Celeste came to us at church today and suggested the three of us and Sarah go to a movie on Thanksgiving, like we used to do when we were little, and to us, that's a little more family oriented. The potential problem with that is, when we were little, the new Disney movies always came out in November, and, since we were little and Disney fanatics, that's what we'd go to see. So to do things like we used to, we'd want to see Enchanted, and we're not entirely sure we want to pay our own way to see that (though we feel we must see it; but Mom wants to see it, too, so she might treat us (if she doesn't see it in Washington; that'd learn us)). But it doesn't have to be exactly like when we were little. We have no idea what Celeste and Sarah want to see, anyway.

Also, we realized last night that there are a ton of things we want to do that would most easily be accomplished if we took advantage of the Thanksgiving weekend. Once it's over, we'll feel obligated to work work work, because we're workaholics, and because we have a deadline halfway through December.

I think part of the problem I'm having with just saying, "No, I don't want to go to Washington," is whenever I'm presented with a choice like this, I can never tell if I need to make the sacrifice or if it's not important. So I keep praying that something will happen to give me some definitive answer, but it rarely happens. I figure that means it doesn't matter either way, but it ties in to what we talked about in church today, so I thought I'd use it as a segue.

Today in church we talked a lot about listening to the Spirit. I think most people believe that they can get inspiration from one source or another if they're open to it. In our church, we believe that the Lord gives us personal revelation to help guide us in our lives through the Holy Ghost. A lot of the time in church, we hear stories about people getting a strong impression that they should do something, and they'll either follow it and some miracle will happen, or they'll convince themselves it wasn't a big deal and find out later that they missed an opportunity or something like that.

Since we talk about that stuff a lot, I tend to hope for strong impressions like that when faced with a tough decision. But I can only think of one time I've gotten an impression at all, and even then I convinced myself I was imagining it at first. And that's why it was such a good thing that in church today, people kept pointing out that sometimes, a prompting is so small, it's easy to convince yourself it was just a good idea of yours. One lady even pointed out that a lot of the time, you don't notice it. But what I have noticed, looking back on a lot of the things that have led us to where we are now, is that if things hadn't happened in a very precise way, with us realizing something at just the right time, or someone saying, "Hey, TokyoPop's having this survey..." or something like that, we would be in a completely different place in our lives. And it's difficult to think of that as being a coincidence, so looking back, I think we've been inspired by the Holy Ghost a lot more often than we realize.

I think part of why I missed it is that sometimes, like when we applied to work for TokyoPop, it's for slightly selfish reasons. "No! They can't bring Saiyuki to the States without us working on it!" But then someone said in Relief Society that she got the feeling the Lord used her boy-craziness to lead her out into the hall and see a listing for a cheaper apartment right when she needed one because her crush on this boy caused her to follow him, and there happened to be another girl right there who could be her roommate. Coincidence? Maybe. But we've experienced too many similar things ourselves to think that it's all a bunch of coincidences. In the immortal words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, "In my experience, there is no such thing as luck."

And now I sit here chewing some Trident gum. That doesn't have anything to do with anything, but it tastes interesting.

Today I'm thankful for good talks in church, cavity-fighting gum, olfactory senses,, and little things that trigger big things.
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