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First of all, the second episode of our podcast is up! Please go listen to it!

Last night we were watching the end of Gundam Seed. All the stuff about the naturals and the coordinators wanting to completely wipe out the other side was reminding me of nezumiko's recent post on the end of the world, as well as the end of the Book of Ether, which we had just read that morning. (The Book of Ether is the record of a people who were so stubborn and hard-hearted that they killed everybody in a war, except for the one survivor from the winning side and the one prophet who had been living in a cave and staying out of everything.) So that had me all depressed and not really in a state of mind to deal with things when Mom called during the second-to-last episode and gave us something entirely different to worry about. Though fortunately it's much less apocalyptic.

As some of you know, every year for Thanksgiving Mom goes with Steve and his kids to Steve's semi-annual (they meet for Thanksgiving and Independence Day) family reunion near Seattle. The second time she went (the first time since they'd been married), we were invited to go along, and there was a big battle of wills because we didn't want to go. It was crazy--we were literally accused of idol worship because we'd rather stay home and play video games than drive to Seattle to visit "family." But anyway, I made an off-hand comment at an unrelated get-together which got us off the hook because I hurt Steve's feelings, and since then we hadn't had to worry about Thanksgiving.

But this is the year that Sarah has decided to exercise her right as an almost-eighteen-year-old to not be forced to go. This leaves Mom in a weird place, because without Sarah, she'll be away from almost her entire family. She invited Celeste, but Celeste had the convenient excuse of not being able to get the extra day off of work. And so Mom has invited us. Obviously our reaction was to say no, but they're very insistent, saying they'd have a TV set up in the car so we could play video games with Steve's kids on the way up. Now, it's true that the idea of having Steve forced to listen as we inflict Final Fantasy IX on his children is somewhat appealing. But since we would be in a moving vehicle, we're not sure we'd be able to stomach it. And we wanted to get back to Gundam Seed, so instead of arguing too long, we all settled for a "let us think about it."

In case the first paragraph in this story didn't get the point across clearly enough, despite all of Mom and Steve's theories that the only reason we don't like him is that "he stole our mommy away boohoo," the main reason we don't like Steve is that he's exactly the type of person we have a hard time getting along with. After three stupid years, we've gotten to a point where we can get along, but driving fourteen hours to a place where we'll be surrounded by people of similar mindsets to Steve's with no place to escape and only our DSes to help us calm down if need be, only to have another fourteen-hour drive to look forward to, seems like the opposite of our idea of a good time. And on the other hand, we actually think it might be nice to spend a quiet Thanksgiving on our own, but even if we didn't, there are plenty of people from church who would welcome us to their local Thanksgiving feasts. Also, we're kind of crazy in that we don't enjoy eating all that much. I mean, we do enjoy eating things that we like, but we're so picky that there's not a whole lot of that. And that is crazy, but we get by.

Despite all that, there's always the appeal of the unknown. It's possible that Steve is actually the odd one out, and we'd actually get along with most of the people there. There's always that faint glimmer of hope that, in a new setting, we'd find someone we can hang out with. Someone who would know what we're talking about when we start going on and on about Akira Ishida, Soichiro Hoshi, and Takahiro Sakurai. Someone who would join a cosplay group with us.

But then again, one of our complaints against Steve is that, despite having served a two-year mission in Japan, he's prejudiced against the Japanese because of what they did in World War II, years before he was born. People aren't just born with that.

In other, completely random news, since we have a whole Schedule for Del Rey now, we have gotten a white board to write all our upcoming deadlines on. It came with magnets, so now we want to make little magnets of characters from stuff we translate to stick on the white board. Wouldn't that be adorable? (They'd be SD of course.)

Today I'm thankful for having corn Chex cereal, having a cute white board, having Gundam Seed on DVD, getting closer to our goal of watching all our owned anime before signing up for Netflix, and having those little chocolate fudge-filled balls from Palmer.
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