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Cosplay, anyone?

In our efforts to make sure every anime DVD we bought individually has been watched at least once, we watched GetBackers last night. It totally brought back memories of the good old days, getting together with friends to watch anime. And that started us moping, because we're lame like that. But! we figured out that in that situation, it really is best to start thinking about other people, so we started thinking about a birthday present for Sarah.

I called Mom this morning to see what our grocery shopping plans are, since we have our former visiting teacher coming over tomorrow to watch Princess Tutu (and yet we were still whining about not getting to watch anime with people). While on the phone, I started talking to her about birthday presents for Sarah and the most amazing thing happened. She suggested a trip to Disneyland! I must be wearing her down, with all my suggestions that, as long as she's going to LA anyway, we might as well go to Disneyland, too. Or it might have been the news story about "Disneyland secrets revealed!" (we didn't watch it, but all the ones people told us about were ones we already knew; I'm such a terrible know-it-all). Or maybe it was that I told her they sell a cookbook of the dishes they serve at Disneyland restaurants, since apparently she really, really liked the chicken salad she had the one time.

Anyway, she's still thinking about it, so of course it's best to be prepared for the worst, but since it was her idea this time, I think it may be a possibility for the future either way. It's just a question of how near in the future.

The whole GetBackers thing also made us want to do cosplay groups again. Oh wait, we always want to do cosplay groups. But it reinforced the feeling. Yeah. Cosplay groups are a big help to us in cosplaying, because, since we're always cosplaying together, we like to at least choose characters that make sense to be going around as just the two of them, if we can't get a set of twins or doppelgangers. If we're with a group, we have a little more liberty in choosing characters. That's how we got to be Ban and Kazuki when we did GetBackers, which didn't work nearly as well back in 2005 when we did it again because Atsuko Nakajima, the character designer, came back. But she took our picture anyway! (I'm also a terrible show off and name dropper.)

Athena's egging me on to list a bunch of ideas for cosplay groups to see if anyone would be willing to join. There are seven and a half months before AX, after all. Let's see, what ideas do we have? Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, Host Club of course (I like the idea of doing the Host Club in Wonderland costumes, personally), +ANIMA, Atelier Marie & Elie, Ramen Fighter Miki, Elemental Gelade, Kingdom Hearts...

And stuff. Maybe somebody else has an idea?

Today I'm thankful for having fun coming up with gift ideas, Mom getting closer and closer to just going to Disneyland, happy memories, the idea of maple fudge (someday I'll get to taste the reality), and getting to have our picture taken by an awesome character designer.
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