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I'm going to take this opportunity to once again plug our podcast, in case people missed the other two entries where I mentioned it. We're planning on uploading the next episode soon, too! Whee!

In other plugging, because I forgot to mention it on Halloween like I said I would, Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning and Zombie-Loan are both out now! If you find yourself at a bookstore any time soon, go check out those books or anything else by Yen Press. And we have various reasons for wanting Yen Press to do very well, so if you like them, please buy them! Spiral is one of the top manga serieses we're very very very very very sad we aren't allowed to translate, to give an idea of how good it is.

I still think of Yen Press as the mystery manga company in the sky with a secret entrance that only sometimes appears under the right circumstances.

And in another random change of subject, Kazuya Minekura announced that the release of the third episode in the Saiyuki Burial OVA is going to be delayed because of stuff going on in production. I hope this means they're making it move more than the first one. As an apology, she got permission to post some of the art they sent her for approval on her blog. (Just go to her website and click the "diary" link; it's the third entry down.) She says she thought she drew them herself for a second!

Um... that's about all I have to talk about today, except maybe for some whining about how Mom refuses to go to Kinokuniya to get us Christmas presents, but Christmas isn't about getting gifts anyway.

Today I'm thankful for DN Angel DVD extras, paper, canceling services that we're not using, getting to eat Chex Mix tonight, and being done with this entry so we can go see Daglass suddenly turned super nice.
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