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Super genius plan is a go!

Gah, today almost made me forget the fun things I had to write about. But I remembered! Yay! (Well, yay for me, anyway.)

So, some of you know that, because we're suckers for those educational-type things those companies like to send you when you've lived somewhere long enough they think you have kids, we have a subscription to Wildlife Explorer. They send us these neat little cards with lots and lots of facts about animals. We thought we'd use them if we ever stopped playing video games long enough to write a story, if that story happened to involve animals. But since we haven't been able to stay away from the video games (Athena: They keep coming out with new ones that we need to play! Me: And we just found out that we really want to play Atelier Iris after all, too.), a lot of the packs they've sent us have gone unopened.

But the one we got last time said it had a free CD inside. This intrigued me, because if it was going to be educational stuff about animals, wouldn't it be a CD-ROM? So I opened it up to see what might be on this mystery CD. And much to our joy, it was a Mozart CD!! Sweet!! And not only that, but it's another one of those schemes to get us to subscribe to their educational-type thing, but this time, it's all about classical music! Each CD comes with a booklet (about 30 pages) packed with information on the composer. This goes perfectly with the plan we came up with back when we were re-reading our Violinist of Hameln manga, and we realized that, despite all the quirkiness and, let's face it, insanity, of the manga, Michiaki Watanabe must have some kind of genius. We figured it probably had something to do with the fact that he listens to so much classical music, so we were going to get some CDs and listen to them to become super geniuses!!

But we didn't know where to start, and despite watching La Corda d'Oro and Nodame Cantabile, both of which made us want to get more into classical music, we never put forth the effort. But now we don't have to! Woohoo!

Although somehow pointing out the laziness of the plan makes it seem doomed to failure. Hmm... Also, since we like listening to anime music while we work, we're not sure when we would listen to it. We only just barely got to a point where we can finally listen to our Disney CDs by having Mom take us places when Kimee's around. We've said before that one of the main reasons we'd ever want a car is so we could have an excuse to listen to more of our CDs.

But now! maybe we'll stop and listen to our CD while we try some of our other crazy things we want to do, like drawing! (Including animals!) Or writing! (That doesn't work as well without the sound effects... Hm... And the animal thing kind of messes with the flow, but it doesn't fit anywhere else, and I wanted to point it out... Double hm...)

The very ironic thing is that we're not listening to our Mozart CD right now. This is because... we were hoping to get to video games after updating... And though I don't often use smileys, the most appropriate comment on that is ^^;;;;;;;;;;

Today I'm thankful for shiny new Mozart CDs, opportunities to implement our super genius plan, kitties under the blankets, Goku once again making everything better, and regaining composure.
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