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Today has been just full of adventure! Of course, in the case of all the German dictionary searching, "adventure" is a euphemism for... well if I could describe it accurately, I wouldn't need a euphemism, would I? Athena offers "mind-numbing internet searching." I guess that works.

Anyway, it all started out with me having a dream that for some reason we had brought Oreo and Mimsy to a hotel, but they didn't like it and kept trying to get away so they could hide, and we were trying to round them up with the help of Scott Patterson for some reason, but Mimsy got away so Scott Patterson stayed at the hotel and took care of Oreo while I looked for Mimsy. By the time I found her, she had gone into human form (kind of dressed like a Gothic Lolita) and was headed to some place (there were a lot of brick walls and some graffiti...) to kill some guy as revenge for killing... somebody she really cared about? I don't remember, because that's about when I woke up.

I was awakened by the sound of a cat meowing outside. Either that or the pain in my hip from Oreo crushing my legs. But anyway, there was a cat meowing outside. Then there was a lady's voice saying, "Shoo! Go away! Go away!" This had Oreo and me curious, so we strained to look out the window to see it. Apparently a cat had found its way into the downstairs neighbor's yard, and we guess it couldn't get out, because the neighbors didn't seem happy about it being there, so it probably would have left if it could, but it was still there. The only really appalling thing about this scenario is that eventually a man came out of the apartment, and the lady was still upset about the cat being there, so he seemed to be saying something like, "This is what you need to do," and then he started kicking it away! The especially stupid thing about this was that if they wanted the cat to leave, they should have shooed it out of the gate as they were leaving, duh.

It was a beautiful cat, too. I guess you could describe it as blonde? I don't know the names for all the colors. I thought about taking a picture of it, but our camera's batteries are low.

Anyway, we went to the management and they got right on it, so hopefully the cat will be taken care of and find a nice home. Or even go back to its old home. It could have been somebody's cat that just got lost.

Our next adventure was a little sudden as well. When we went to the management to report the cat, the manager told us that the electrician was coming today. It was only like twenty minutes later that he showed up with the maintenance guy. Apparently the mystery of our ceiling fan was in fact a giant mystery. He was constantly going back and forth and checking every possible thing and not figuring out what was up with it. And we got the power to the computer shut off twice while we were trying to work. The first time, I was smart enough to save it. The second time, not so much. That wasn't a big deal anyway, though, because the time we lost while waiting for our computer to wake up both times was nothing compared to the time we lost looking up dead-end German spelling possibilities. We really need to learn the rules of German pronunciation one of these days. Then maybe we'll have an easier time looking up German names of stuff.

But now the cat is safe (we hope), the ceiling fan/light fixture works, and all the German has been accounted for or given up on (usually the former). And they all lived happily ever after.

...or did they?

Dun dun DUN!

Just kidding.

Incidentally, we decided yesterday that we wanted there to be more light in our living room, so we'd order a lamp and then, according to...I guess it's Murphy's Law? the electrician would come. We didn't actually order a lamp, because we really only want a Disney one, but we didn't really like any of the ones they had at the site except for the Bambi one and the Wicked Queen one, which were both too expensive anyway. The Bambi one was reeeally pretty, but the Wicked Queen one wouldn't have worked anyway, because the whole point was to add light to the room to make it more bright and cheery.

Today I'm thankful for having a working light in the living room again, being done looking up German for the time being, having adventures to write about on LJ today, not having maintenance guys/electricians in our apartment anymore (they were both really nice, but they were freaking Athena out; that's what we get for not keeping our apartment immaculate), and getting to help that cat this morning.
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