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Another day with nothing to talk about.

Which could potentially mean an extra long entry. I'm contradictory like that.

I think the problem today and yesterday is that we finally got our new podcast up and running on Saturday. It occurred to me yesterday that, oh yeah, having a podcast means you need to, y'know, record a podcast. So I've been thinking of things to talk about on that instead of Live Journal. And I can't talk about those things on LJ, because that would make the podcast redundant. This is why we keep only one blog.

Anyway, today's recording session may have proved that my thinking of things to podcast about was not entirely successful, but I think the recording is interesting anyway. We haven't decided how frequently we want to update yet, and it's only been two days since we uploaded the first podcast, so we're not going to post the new one yet. It's just nice to be prepared.

Last night we watched the Jungle Book, and now we've finally watched all the Disney DVDs we ordered and kept not watching. Tadah! We didn't check the special features until after we watched the movie, so we didn't know that it had audio commentary with one of the Sherman brothers, Andreas Deja (super ultra Disney animator, who animated Hercules♥ (and Gaston and Scar and Jafar--all those Disney villains everybody raves about how well-animated they are (and they are well animated; Hercules is just our favorite))), and Bruce Reitherman who played Mowgli. That's just cool.

We have like a million Disney commentaries that we want to watch but never get around to. It's those darn video games. Always distracting us. In fact, when we're done with this entry, we're probably going to go play Atelier Elie. We are so predictable.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a new episode of Danny Phantom (new to us anyway) On Demand, chili con carne, fog, DS chargers, and socks.
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