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We have a podcast!!!

Just like the subject line says, we have a podcast. Remember those "Plans" I mentioned a few weeks back? Well that's them! Tadah! The first episode is about twenty minutes long, so if you have time, please check it out! We're told it's interesting.

Special thanks go to parkcooper (and his wife) for encouraging us and getting us started, baranoneko for QCing, and pudges for being there for us when we were trying to figure out what we wanted our user name to be. It ended up as being kind of plain and extremely uncreative, anyway though. We've only just started and we're not sure where we want to go with it at all, so we figured it would be best to just name it after who we are.

Anyway, now that I've pointed out that it has been quality checked, I should probably do a little more explaining on that, because we're still not super sound mixers. We only have one microphone (being used by Hakkai in the picture on the site; he's our interviewer), but we have a bad habit of moving around when we talk, so the sound fluctuates. The purpose of the QC was to make sure that the quiet parts are audible and the loud parts aren't eardrum-shattering (our family's voices can be quite piercing when we're excited...). We hope to be more stable in the future.

The other purpose of the quality check was to make sure it wasn't made entirely of boring. Our QCer tells us it's not, but she admits to having a bias (♥). She also told us that it's obvious how nervous we are; that's another thing that will hopefully get better with time. So far, it's kind of like our Live Journal, only with the added bonus that you get to hear Athena's input. Also, you get to hear the story of my name pronunciation issues, which I haven't told about on LJ because, since it's a pronunciation thing, it doesn't come across as well in type.

Today I'm thankful for help and encouragement, QCers, monster kitties, Capcom announcing the next Ace Attorney game on the very day we finish the latest American release (new set of characters; not sure how we feel about that), and toothpaste.
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