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Bus Gamer anime!!!

About a week ago, Kazuya Minekura updated her blog saying that she'd have an announcement on November 9. Later that week, we were chatting, and chatting leads to web surfing, and web surfing leads to the Ichijinsha website, where we learned that the next issue of Rex would have a big announcement involving Bus Gamer. This could only mean one thing: Bus Gamer is being animated.

Actually, it could mean two things, since Bus Gamer was on hiatus, but it kind of seems like if that's all they were going to do, it would be more like a, "Hey everybody, Bus Gamer is back!" thing than a, "We're gonna announce something! I know you just can't wait to know what it is!!" thing.

Anyway, as it turns out, both are true! Yay! Although when we read the announcement, one of my first thoughts was, "But there's nowhere near enough content to have an animated series yet." Apparently the producers agree, because it's only going to be three episodes long. Sad. But if it's popular enough, they'll do more! Happy!

Even more happy is that the series is starting up again, and not only that, but there will be a volume 1 soon! Minekura-sensei says they're going to have it come out around the time the anime airs, so I really don't know which one we'll get a hold of first. Since she started the series over for Rex, there'll probably be some differences, and I'm very curious to see how it's going.

As for the anime, we don't know a whole lot about it yet, so I'm not sure what to think. I just hope it's more animated than the Burial OVAs. Looks like the director is new to directing, so we don't have any reference. But he did do the storyboards on some stuff we like.

Incidentally, for anyone who is now curious about Bus Gamer, Rightstuf just started another sale on TokyoPop books, so you can check out the Pilot Edition. We haven't seen the final product, so we're not sure we approve of the English version though. It's rated M, and since most of the content we dealt with was no worse than Saiyuki (and most of it was milder), it must be for language, which means the rewriter might have had more "fun" than they should have. Incidentally, the title is pronounced Biz Gamer. As far as we've seen, there aren't any buses in it (although someone almost gets hit by a truck), but since it's started over, we don't know.

Today I'm thankful for anime to look forward to, manga to look forward to, kitties who are dead set on preventing us from getting our work done (Mimsy sure is good at getting in the way), CD Japan coupons, and making much better progress on Marie & Elie today than we did yesterday.
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