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Trouble with user names

That's what we're having. Trouble with user names. We were going to sign up for an account at Facebook, but we're having trouble with names. We wanted to be Alethea & Athena Nibley, but they won't let us use the ampersand, so we tried Alethea and Athena Nibley, but they wouldn't let us use that, either. We could each get our own account, and then it wouldn't be a problem, but since we're almost always using the computer at the same time, that seems kind of silly.

Right now our only other idea is coming up with a pseudonym that really means both of us. The obvious choice there would be Althena Nibley, which is awesome because Althena is a goddess in like a million video games (okay, so I can think of about four, but still). But that's kind of like merging us both into one person, and while we do do just about everything together, we are, in fact, two people. So if we wanted to go that route, we'd have to come up with a completely different name, but like I said before, you can't get much cooler names than Alethea and Athena.

Maybe we should just make an account for me and I'll be the manager, like with e-mail. Hmm...

In other news, the fifth episode in the third Phoenix Wright game (we're a little confused as to whether Phoenix Wright is the title or the subtitle these days, but we'll stick with calling the games Phoenix Wright for now) is the awesomest case ever.

We couldn't quite believe it at first, but there we were, playing as Edgeworth! Whoa! It's really weird playing as Edgeworth, too. And it's especially hard during trials, because we don't want to make any mistakes because Edgeworth doesn't make mistakes! That of course is not true, because if he didn't make any mistakes, you couldn't beat him playing as Phoenix, but still. It just seems wrong.

We were a little worried at first, because Mia is so similar to Phoenix that going to court with her is almost exactly the same. But Edgeworth has a distinctly different personality than Phoenix, so we were a little concerned. But! he's still the same old Edgeworth. So it's all very happy and fun. Yay!

And yet we're still thinking maybe we'd rather play Atelier Marie. I knew this would happen. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for Keebler Fudge Shoppe chocolate peanut butter patties (or whatever they're called), the awesomeness of that case in Phoenix Wright, the little filler sketches in +ANIMA, having Chex Mix to eat tonight, and meeting our page quota despite our horribly slow start.

EDIT: Thanks to a helpful hint from umadoshi, we now have a Facebook account! We're Alethea-Athena Nibley! Tadah!
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