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Don't have a distaste for me!

I don't know if I ever mentioned the filler pages between chapter in +ANIMA. They've got these cute SD drawings of the characters with English captions. The English usually isn't completely natural, but it's almost always adorable.

We just turned in +ANIMA vol.9, and now we're very sad. There's only one volume left! *sniffle* And not only that, but it wasn't until this volume that we figured out that the name Cooro probably comes partly from the fact that he has black ("kuro" in Japanese) wings. I guess it's because we're so obsessed with Husky. And because he's a crow. Cooro just seems like an obvious crow name somehow.

But now that we've finished work early, it would probably be wise of us to finish up Phoenix Wright, HaruToki, or both, since I get the feeling we'll be overcome with a strong desire to play Atelier Marie and/or Elie very soon. We played a lot of Phoenix Wright yesterday. We were wrong about being on the case that tells us what Godot's deal is (the game case says there are five trials, but I wasn't sure if episode 2 counted as one trial or two), but we did get a lot of supporting evidence. It was also very hard to follow, but not because it was confusing.

There were two problems with this case. First, Miles Edgeworth. Second, Diego Armando. It really didn't help that it's the first time in the third game that you get to see Edgeworth, and it helps even less that he was so cute and little! Only not really because it was only 6 years ago, but still! So adorable. And seeing Diego in profile standing next to Mia as he helps her with the case was also very distracting.

The point is, when you're busy being hypnotized by watching the characters and what little animation they have (sure they only have like five actions each that they repeat over and over, but Edgeworth is very pretty!), it's very difficult to read the text. I guess if we were smart, we'd watch the animation and then read the text, but that would require us to be smart. Also, it interrupts the flow of the whole thing, and when you have that dramatic music playing, it makes things a little difficult.

I imagine this case might also be hard for any guys playing, since you're playing as Mia and Dahlia's the one testifying most of the time. Unless they care more about the actual game than the eye candy. Eheh.

So anyway, wouldn't Phoenix Wright be an awesome game to cosplay as a group? We were thinking about that last night. We almost got so carried away imitating poses that we could have ended up staying up way too late, but we caught ourselves, fortunately. Atelier Marie & Elie also seems like something that would make a great group cosplay. I guess it's that they all have so many fun characters with such distinct outfits.

Today I'm thankful for helpful brainstorming, eye candy, surprise packages from Del Rey full of books for us to translate, having Baked! Ruffles at lunch, and drinkable water
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