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There are three kinds of people in the world...

Those who can count, and those who can't.

It would seem we've both lost our ability to count. We blame the new format. It requires us to not count as high as we did before, and start over more frequently. With +ANIMA, sometimes we're lucky to get past two, but when that happens, we're so unused to counting that high, we forget what all the next numbers are or something. So we're constantly counting like Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's madness!

But anyway, last night the plans for FHE were to play volleyball. We are really not interested in sports at all, so we were thinking we'd not go this time, but since the roommate moved out and our anime buddy's starting night classes next Monday, it may have been our last time getting to FHE in a while, so we figured we ought to go anyway. As it turned out, not only was the plan to play volleyball, but to play it with another of the YSA wards in the area. It was actually nice going to their FHE this week, because they actually have an opening hymn. The girl who normally plays the piano for their ward was sick of playing every week, so I got to volunteer, and! they actually sang all three verses of the hymn! Our ward seems to kind of skimp in the music department, so it was a nice change.

After that, things were pretty much the same as normal, though. Except for one very awesome thing. One time we brought our DSes to FHE a while back to play Band Brothers while we waited for everything to start up (FHE is scheduled to start at seven, but until recently when they resolved to start on time, it more often would start at seven-thirty). At the time, we played the Legend of Zelda medley, and a guy in the ward heard it. He talked to us a little that day, and thus it was established that we're all fans of The Legend of Zelda.

As it turns out, that guy took a ceramics class this semester. And while he was playing with clay, he decided to make an ocarina. Ocarinas are really hard to make, though, so while it does play, it's not really all that in tune. And thus it ended up sitting in his room gathering dust for a long time. So he decided to give it to us! Yay! And now we have a very cool mockarina with a Triforce and an image of the Master Sword molded into it, and if we work really hard, we might even be able to work around its out-of-tune-ness to figure out how to play some of the themes from Ocarina of Time. I almost managed Saria's Song last night!

Sadly, in the meantime, it's gathering dust on the piano, because we're way too distracted with +ANIMA and Phoenix Wright. We also decided that, since the dining area's become a mess, we're not allowed to play HaruToki until we've cleaned for ten minutes every day. We might have to extend that rule to Phoenix Wright, too, though. We're a little more excited to get back to that today, because we think we're about to play the case where we find out Godot's whole deal. We have a pretty crazy theory as to who he really is, but from what we know about the Phoenix Wright universe, it's just the right kind of crazy to maybe be true. But first, we had work to do, and +ANIMA is totally awesome. We're getting into Cooro's back story now, which is kind of weird, because we never really thought of Cooro having a back story, even though we knew he did. For some reason it's easy to forget with Cooro type characters. Like Goku in Saiyuki. You don't really think of him having a back story, but his is so big Minekura-sensei had to write a whole other series to contain it.

Today I'm thankful for Nana imagining what they'll all look like when they're older, mockarinas, vitamin C (oh my gosh, the juice we had at FHE last night made me thirsty! how does that work?), good counting days, and not getting knocked unconscious by volleyballs, or having volleyballs knock the mockarina out of my hand causing it to break.
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