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Hey people!!

That's right, I'm talking to you!!

Yen Press is looking for an intern. They said an intern, but we imagine companies like having lots of little peons, but maybe just one, we're really not sure. But anyway, here's the job description, so all you editing, manga loving types should go check it out!

They're located in New York, for those of you who wanted to know that before trying to load the page. They're actually a branch of the Hachette Book Group, who has some pretty impressive credits, but you'll have to check the link for that one, because I'm too lazy to check it myself. Anyway, Yen Press itself is completely made of awesome, or at least it seems to be from what little dealings we've had with them, so check it out! And if you're not interested but know somebody who might be, tell them about it!

I also have to put in a good word for internships, because that's how we got our job. And our job consists of reading comics and then quoting them back to everybody for a mere four hours a day. It's like a dream job! And we're very grateful for it, and for the internship that led to it.

What else did I want to talk about? That's right, we got tagged! I'll put that at the end.

We watched Peter Pan last night, and that's the kind of movie that makes me wonder how Disney got its goody-goody reputation. I mean, it's got lines like, "Tink says shoot it down!" "Cutting off your hand was a childlike prank, you might say," "We were only trying to drown her," and...the other one that I was thinking of but forgot. And then we saw the preview for the Tinkerbell movie, and we're like, "...oh." *looks up cast* Mae Whitman is Tink? But she's so Wendy. Sigh.

I think I had more to say about that, but I've been distracted with work. +ANIMA makes us very happy. The new format, on the other hand, makes us very sad. Maybe if we'd done more than two translations with it before switching to the Del Rey format it wouldn't be so terrible. Deadlines. What are you gonna do?

Our living room is once again plunged into darkness. It actually happened on Friday night, but we didn't report it until today because we didn't want them coming to fix it on Sunday, and we were being lazy on Saturday. So we reported it today, and the maintenance guy came to replace the breaker, since that's what we thought the problem was when he had a hard time getting power to the new light. But that didn't help anything, so now we need to wait for the electrician to come. Ah well.

It was kind of weird when he came to work on it, though, because we were in the middle of +ANIMA, but then he shut the power off, so we had nothing to do but play Phoenix Wright, and before long he was done so we figured we ought to get back to work, but it's a bit disorienting switching from Phoenix Wright to +ANIMA. Ah well again.

And since my ramblings aren't going very far today, it's probably best to do this meme and be on our merry little way.

The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.

1. Mint drumsticks. Whoever decided to mix mint and chocolate is a genius.
2. Peter Pan! He's so cute, but I think if I knew anybody like him, I'd have to beat them up.
3. +ANIMA!!! It makes us happy despite the new format! (Maybe I should shut up about that...)
4. Fangirling about Fakir with baranoneko! When I mentioned his flaw in having bad hair, Athena pointed out that he can pull it off, because at first he'd be all like, "Who cares what you think about my hair? You're stupid," and then later on when you've fallen in love with him, you'd be like, "I don't care if you have bad hair! I love you!"
5. Hearing from our long-lost cousin!!!! (Have any of you Utah people gone to see him yet?)
6. Drinking water after fasting.
7. Finding out Yen Press still remembers we exist, even if only sort of.
8. Listening to Leon's song from Kaleido Star.
9. Seeing live footage of Takahiro Sakurai.
10. Seeing live footage of Tetsuya Kakihara, even if he wasn't very good at ad libbing.

And we tag pudges, baranoneko, blackhope, umadoshi, setra, kurosaki_koi, celestieall, sarahsocool, nezumiko, and iamzuul. And that just reminded us how small our friends list is. Oh well, such is life. Anyway, happiness is good, so everybody do it! Please.

And in addition to that, today I'm thankful for fast-acting maintenance guys, beating the thing in the desert, beating the phantom, having Doritos (that Stephen Colbert... making us want Doritos), and internships.
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