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Less than uneventful but still not eventful Saturday

First of all! For you Utah people who were curious and may or may not have read the comment from blackhope, he works on weekdays from open until three. He also adds that he's gorgeous, a fact that is backed up by the story I'm about to relate. When we were learning Japanese from our next-door neighbor, the first time we really met her, blackhope was with us. Later, we were talking and our cousin got brought up somehow, and she wasn't sure who we were talking about, so we explained, and she said, "Cute boy is your cousin?"

Nibleys actually do tend to be very good-looking. This was a problem when watching the LDS movie Best Two Years, because the cutest guy in the cast was our cousin (not blackhope). Celeste tells us he's also in High School Musical 2, something she didn't find out until she was watching it with friends. Our family is so bad at keeping people updated.

Anyway. What else did I have to talk about? I just took a phone survey. I usually like taking surveys, but I'm realizing more and more that I hate them when they're on the phone. I always have a hard time understanding people on the phone, and then she keeps asking me my opinion on all these things I didn't know existed so how can I have an opinion on them? Oh well. At least she was nice, although not nice enough to tell me ahead of time that it was going to take at least half an hour. Oh well again.

And now we're downloading a thingie with Tetsuya Kakihara! Yay! It's an anime information program internet streaming video thing from TV Tokyo, that's what it is, I think. But the point is, Kakihara-kun is the guest! in the one we're downloading. But I can't really comment on it, because we haven't seen it yet. Eheh.

We're trying to watch all our anime DVDs, because we decided we're forbidden from signing back up for Netflix until they're watched, except for maybe Hare+Guu, since it's not here yet. Now we're down to eight! Yay! Unless we decide to also not count Strawberry Marshmallow--then we'd be down to six. Oh wait, but we still have some other DVDs in box sets that we never got around to watching. This is pathetic. Oh well.

So today we watched The Law of Ueki, and last night we watched some Gundam Seed. I keep forgetting how totally awesome Gundam Seed is, and now I want to buy the Gundam Seed Destiny DVDs, except when I think about actually doing that, I'm like, "But we don't have time to watch all of Gundam Seed Destiny again!!" But Kira is so sexy in it. It's all these crazy NeoRomance games and their multiple endings. And Atelier Marie + Elie doesn't help. We still haven't gotten any of the endings for any of our favorite characters on either Marie or Elie. And then Athena keeps thinking, "Today would be a good day for Final Fantasy XII," and I keep thinking, "It's been a while since we've been to Vana'diel," and then Athena wakes up and wants to play Xenogears, and it's all sorts of crazy. Sigh. Of course, since we're not downloading anime, we do have a lot more time...

Way too much to do. That's our problem. But it was fun watching Ueki again. It has just the mixture of seriousness and silliness that we like. We still only have the first three volumes of it (now we've watched the first two!), so it's another one that I'm like, "There's no time!!" Sigh again.

Today I'm thankful for being done with that survey, convenient timing allowing for us to get a ride to the grocery store, salty snacks, streaming video thingies from TV Tokyo, and mint Drumsticks.
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