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Time for more fangirling♥

Days off sure can be weird sometimes. Probably because of the reading. Reading makes everything weird *grin*

Anyway, after the little fangirling session about Soichiro Hoshi I had the other day, I was thinking about the Saiyuki event and how awesome it was, and I wanted to talk about it but the opportunity kind of got away. For some reason I started thinking about it again, and then I realized that Akira Ishida's birthday was coming up, and that would be a good time to talk about it, since the awesomeness I was thinking of was about him. And since today is his birthday (except it was actually yesterday in Japan), I thought I'd just go ahead and talk about some of the reasons we ♥ Ishida-san.

5. Akira Ishida = Hakkai.

4. The first time we saw Sailor Moon SuperS, we thought Fisheye was played by a woman. The second time we saw Sailor Moon SuperS, we still thought Fisheye was played by a woman, even though we knew better.

3. At the Saiyuki Reload Revolver Revolution event, he wore the Saiyuki Reload Revolver Revolution t-shirt.

2. This is what had me thinking about all this to begin with. At the Saiyuki event where the voice actors ganged up on Hoshi-san, they also had a live reading of an abridged version of episodes 15 and 16 of Saiyuki. Those were the flashback episodes, so Akira Ishida was playing Gonou, instead of Hakkai. And the really awesome thing about it was the camera focused on him as he was reading his lines, and just everything about him oozed angst. But then he had to turn the page. As he turned the page, somehow it was like everything was bright and cheerful again. And then the page turned, and as soon as it did, all the angst and emo came flooding back. It was amaaazing.

1. The first (and only, come to think of it) time we saw The End of Evangelion was almost right after we came home from seeing AI in theaters. I don't know what possessed us to watch The End of Evangelion after watching AI, since AI put us in a weird enough mood as it was, but we did. At the time, our Japanese was still only very slightly existent, and the copy our friend had had no subtitles, so we were following it as best we could, but our brains were definitely suffering. Then suddenly we hear Kaworu's voice say the word "daijoubu." Even with our limited Japanese, we knew what that meant, and somehow the way he said it just made it feel like everything really was going to be okay, and suddenly everything felt a lot better.

I seem to remember having come up with more reasons, but that was two days ago, and Phoenix Wright has distracted me. Most of the reasons seem to be focused around the fact that he plays Hakkai, but he really does play a bunch of other characters that we're in love with, including Howard in Mujin Wakusei Survive, who's a total jerk but is just so cute about it.

Today I'm thankful for having light in the living room, being back in touch with our long-lost cousin, seiyuu event footage, having peanut butter squares, and not having to give all our Reese's peanut butter cups to trick-or-treaters.
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