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Our ceiling fan is possessed!!

When Athena got up this morning, she noticed that the living room light was on. This was strange, because as far as we knew, the maintenance guy hadn't come to fix the breaker. He has permission to enter and fix stuff, but we think we would have woken up if he came while we were asleep, especially because they always knock first. We didn't worry about it. We figured he fixed it on the outside or something, since he mentioned something yesterday about having to go up on the roof. But just now he came in with the new breaker. We told him about this morning, and he tried it out, and everything seemed to be working fine, so he took the breaker and we'll just keep an eye on it.

In the meantime, our next deadline isn't for almost a month, and Athena needs to finish reading Harry Potter so I can read it (this has suddenly become very important), so we're taking a three-day weekend! Woohoo! Chances are it will have less Harry Potter and more anime DVDs, especially since Rightstuf is having a sale on DVDs from AN Entertainment so we had to order the Hare+Guu box set. But there will be at least a little Harry Potter.

November is the month our stake likes to have Temple Impact Month, during which they want all endowed members to spend at least two hours doing temple work every week. We're not endowed, so we're in the group they want to do family history work for at least two hours each week. Since personal history counts as family history, we're pretty sure writing in a journal counts, but we're not sure writing in a Live Journal counts. Maybe if we backed it up.

But anyway, I thought I might take the opportunity to write sort of nostalgical type things once a week. But I'm not sure where to start. I was thinking, since Halloween was last night, I could talk about how we were scared of everything when we were little. We didn't like going in elevators because we were afraid the cables would snap and we'd plummet to our deaths, even though the elevator we saw most often was in the Glendale Galleria, and that was in one of those see-through shafts so you could see the hydraulic pole underneath it holding it up.

The town we grew up in had "the wash," which as far as we could tell was a huge concrete trench with some water trickling down it, which prevented the town from flooding. That was pretty awesome, come to think of it, but we were always afraid to cross the bridge over it, because we were afraid it would collapse. This is the problem with growing up in earthquake country. It also contributed to our fear of the aerospace museum, because if we went there, and there was an earthquake, those planes being hung from the ceiling could fall and crush us. But the worst was our fear of the museum of science and industry, which I refused to let Dad take me to, because I was scared of the mad scientists. True story.

We also insisted our parents take us to Disneyland every year, even though we were terrified of most of the attractions. We wouldn't even go on the Snow White ride, because it was called Snow White's Scary Adventure. Obviously if they call it scary, it must be scary. Looking back on that, I feel really bad, because Disneyland is expensive. But we liked the parades and the carousel and for some reason being swallowed by Monstro on Storybook Land was not scary but awesome. I think it's because he sneezed his tail off so we weren't trapped.

We were also terrified of the weather. Any time there were any clouds, we freaked out that there might be a thunderstorm. And of course there were the Santa Ana Winds. To this day, I still get nervous when the weather is loud. But overall, I think it was a good thing, because being afraid the weather could kill me any moment is what got me to read my scriptures every day. I think after doing that for a while, the fear subsided, but I can't say what caused that for sure.

Speaking of scary stories! Dad tells us one time he took us all to the zoo, and he wanted to go into the aviary. We didn't want to go into the aviary, because we were afraid of snakes. Of course now we know that duh, all the snakes are in the reptile house, and the aviary has birds (although we have since been told by LA Zoo docents that they occasionally have wild rattle snakes wandering around, which is why they strongly urge tourists to stay on the paths). Somehow, Dad finally managed to convince us to go into the aviary. This is where all the details get fuzzy, because I remember it differently than Dad and no one else seems to remember it at all. Dad's version is that Athena was the one who very timidly commented on how it smelled funny in there. And then I said, "Yeah. Smells like snakes."

The problem with this is I remember being very freaked out by somebody saying that, but I can also remember being the one who said it, so I'm all sorts of confused about it. Someday we'll know the truth.

Today I'm thankful for the Narita Airport website and it's very helpful helpfulness, having a working light fixture again, maintenance guys who don't forget!, the LA Zoo, and having survived all the earthquakes we've experienced.
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