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Who has a fancy new ceiling fan?

We have a fancy new ceiling fan! Yay!! The maintenance guy showed up this morning to install it. It kind of threw everything off a little bit, because he showed up while we were doing our morning Japanese practice (reading the Book of Mormon out loud in Japanese) in the living room. That was okay, because we just moved into the bedroom, but when we finished and were checking e-mail before getting to work, he said he had to turn off the power, and unfortunately, he couldn't turn off the living room power without turning off the bedroom power, so we were powerless. Get it!? Aaaahahahaha...ha...

Anyway. We decided it would be wise not to start playing Phoenix Wright again, as we have already proven that we have a difficult time turning it off, so we averted that crisis by reading manga instead. But by the time we got the power back, I was almost ready to say forget it and take the day off. But we persevered! and got really obsessed with notes and looking up idioms. We spent like half an hour at least on "habu ni shinai." So we didn't quite finish, because we eventually got tired of looking stuff up, but we should be able to finish tomorrow, which is still a day before our deadline! Tadah!

Incidentally, since this is a series we get to adapt ourselves, a question we've been asked a few times is if it's a lot more work adapting than translating. This is always a tricky question to answer, because the people asking it are always people who have adapted our translations. The honest answer is that we always understood the point of adaptation to be so you don't have a comic that reads like this literal translation of a page of Saiyuki. We always thought a good translation would never sound like that, so we're always adapting to that extent as we translate anyway.

But we also know that it's very difficult to have perfect, natural sounding English when you spend your days between two languages. Even our Japanese 444 (aka: Here's how to translate literature) professor, a veteran translator, has been known to have problems with that. Sometimes we translators forget that English grammar doesn't quite work the same way as Japanese. And that's why we're worried about telling people who rewrite our stuff that we don't spend much more effort on an adaptation than a translation--the adaptation writers are the ones who have seen our translations, and they know how much work our translations need. They might hear, "We don't put much more effort into it, actually," and think, "Uh-oh... I fear for the future of that manga..."

But don't worry! Del Rey tested us before they let us adapt! It made us very nervous, too. But we passed the test, so we figure we're alright. If you want to see for yourselves, just go check out My Heavenly Hockey Club or I Hate You More Than Anyone! (Note: These are shameless plugs.)

Anyway, the point is now we have a new ceiling fan, but we can't use it because the maintenance guy couldn't get power to it. His guess is that whatever caused the old fan to stop working went through the wires and destroyed the breaker or something. If he had had anything to replace it with, he would have been back to fix it by now, so that means he's going to get a replacement today and fix it tomorrow morning. In the meantime, our new ceiling fan may not turn on yet, but it's shiny. It's also kind of ominous. The blades are darker, and the glassy things the light bulbs go in are a brown marble-y type material. I feel like it's a fan that belongs in a room in the villain's castle. But it sure is fancy♥

Today I'm thankful for the maintenance guy remembering that we need light in our living room, having fun things to write notes about in this new series (in Hockey Club all the notes are about food; that's so boring), finally finding out what "habu ni suru" means (when not referring to computer networks), being allowed to adapt manga, and stupid puns.
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