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I meant to update earlier, but those Phoenix Wright games are addictive. We just got the new one today, and we wanted to play it in the living room before it got dark, because the living room's most comfortable but also happens to be the place with no light. We thought about getting a pretty Disney lamp for the piano to use while we wait for our new ceiling fixture, but we thought we should get a new ceiling fixture before it gets here anyway so there wouldn't be much point. I'm thinking we may have been wrong about that, but... oh well.

As I've said many times, last night was the ward Halloween party. It was pretty pathetic how few people dressed up. Apparently they used up all their cosplay energy at the dance on Friday. As if that's any kind of excuse.

As for us, it was really weird, because, since we were wearing each other's clothes, we felt like we were in costume, but we knew we didn't look like we were in costume. Even Sarah didn't realize until I asked her why she wasn't dressed up, which of course required her to ask why we weren't dressed up, and I said, "We are."

It was an interesting experiment, anyway, but I don't want to do cop-out costumes like that again. I kind of wish more people would have realized that oh yeah, we like wearing costumes, why aren't we dressed up? Maybe we should go to FHE in costume more often. Bwahaha.

On the way to the party was a crazy lightning storm. It was a veritable light show! And fortunately, all the lightning was above the clouds, so we didn't have to worry about getting zapped so much. We probably would have missed it if we hadn't gone early in an attempt to get Athena's visiting teaching done. (The attempt failed because the visiting taught chose not to go out in the storm.)

Today I'm thankful for the fact that most of the lightning yesterday was above the clouds, parents who dress their kids up in adorable costumes for Halloween, new Phoenix Wright games, cars that keep out the sound of thunder, and not getting zapped.
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