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Another uneventful Saturday

We finally have new wallpaper! It's always weird to change wallpaper after you've had the same one for like ever, especially when the color scheme is very different. Our last wallpaper was dark red, and our new one is practically white, with some light green thrown in. I guess that's about as different as we could get. But it's a very pretty wallpaper.

In other news, I'm going to be mentioning this again on Wednesday, but Wednesday is the release date for Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning and Zombie-Loan from Yen Press. We didn't translate either one of them (we wish we could have translated Spiral), but we know the first one's awesome and from what we've seen of the second, it's awesome, too. So check them out and support Yen Press, because they're awesome! And they have our favorite translation format now that TokyoPop's changed theirs, so we hope to translate for them again.

I'm kind of thinking about angsting about not having awesome Halloween costumes again. I think I've already done that this year. The problem is that we have no idea what to wear to the ward Halloween party. I mean, we can't go costume-less! Actually, I have thought of that, but the idea makes me kind of cringe. We'll just have to see, I guess.

I've been super nervous today, but I think I'm getting over it. It just makes it hard to update LiveJournal. Well, that and the fact that nothing really exciting has happened since the last time I updated, and you all know how exciting things were before that. We did watch Swiss Family Robinson, though. I don't remember ever seeing it all the way through, but I seem to remember having have seen it (if that makes any sense) all the way through kind of recently, because I remember thinking Roberta was annoying, even though when we were little, we loved her because she was the girl.

Today I'm thankful for new wallpapers, posing plushies, not being attacked by pirates, not being shipwrecked, and eardrums.
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