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I've been having a hard time thinking of things to update about. I suppose the simple solution to this would be to not update, but that's crazy talk. I suspect the problem may lie in the time I normally update. Usually we update soon after we've finished working, and since we've just been working, we've been focused on that, and therefore not thinking about things we could update about. This isn't a problem so much when big stuff is going on, or when we're working on something that we're allowed to talk about, but since we're having a lot of fun with this new series, a lot of the brain power that's normally free to think about non-work related things goes to work anyway, because this is a fun series. But since I don't think it's been announced, I can't talk about it. And so, I have nothing to talk about. Except, as Athena points out, how and why I have nothing to talk about. Which in itself can be rather amusing if told right.

And those last two sentences were fragments. Tsk, tsk. But it's okay to use sentence fragments when being conversational. This isn't an essay, duh.

Apparently I've been thinking about grammar a lot. That reminds me!

"...XXX and I..."

I've been having problems with this construction lately. I remember years ago, there were a lot of jokes made about how people would get corrected when they'd say, "Me and my friend are going to..." So now it seems it's happened so much that people say "My friend and I" even when they and their friend are the object of the sentence. Like, "They gave the books to my friend and I." You wouldn't say, "They gave the books to I." You'd say, "They gave the books to me," so it should be, "They gave the books to my friend and me." But since I think there are a lot of grammar savvy people on our friends list, most people reading this probably already know all that.

The problem! is that I've gotten so much into the habit of correcting that when I hear it (I've heard it a few times in Scrubs; I would have thought Dr. Cox would know better) that sometimes I'll correct it even when it was being used properly! These are the dangers of being a grammar Nazi. Sometimes you just go too far. But, as they say, admitting you have a problem is the first step to correcting it, so now that I've admitted it, hopefully I can fix it.

And that just goes to show that if you sit down and write something, more will come. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for being able to come up with things to write about, the word "tadah," fuzzy kitties, our Japanese history class, and language. Athena points out how interesting it is that you can just string a bunch of sounds together and a bunch of people understand what you're trying to say.
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