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A bit of randomness

We were just talking about our next project, and it hit me how interesting the term "text density" is. I wonder how many contexts it works in other than manga translating.

I feel like I don't have anything to talk about today. We just listened to the Saiyuki Party CD, which is pretty awesome, but I don't think it would be very nice to talk much about it without posting a translation of at least one of the dramas on it, and that's too much work for us right now. Lazy slackers.

Um...the roommate is moving out this week. It's really cute, because she's got one of the storage bins that was obtained so she wouldn't have to use our dresser (and then stayed empty because she wanted to use our dresser), and now it's half full of her clothes, but since she's gone at work, Mimsy has claimed it as her new bed, and it is adorable. If she's not sleeping too soundly, we'll catch her attention when we leave our room to do stuff like get food, and then she'll jump out and try to get our attention. The first time she did it, Athena scolded her for jumping on top of Oreo as she got out, but I didn't see it and I seem to remember her jumping in a different direction. (So now Athena explained that she didn't jump on Oreo, just almost on Oreo. Like when she almost jumps on Athena's head from the top bunk.)

On a completely random note, I like the idea of saving the environment, but in the commercials they have here for the new energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs, the new energy-saving fluorescent light bulb is a jerk. I mean, the old, non-energy-saving light bulb isn't so nice, either, but at least with him you can understand that he'd get a little mean to the guy who's about to take his job. But new energy-saving light bulb has no excuse! In fact, he should be trying to be nicer out of consideration, like Mac in the PC vs Mac commercials. Stupid punk light bulb. I hope he's not representative of all new energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs.

I guess I'm done now. Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about Million Tears. Or maybe something amaaaaaaazing will happen and I'll talk about that instead. We'll just have to wait and see!

Today I'm thankful for cat-in-the-box, finishing work early today, non-jerky light bulbs, international shipping, and the Daily Show being in reruns, thus giving us more time to watch anime DVDs and/or play video games.
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