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Darkness and light

Our poor ceiling fan has breathed its last. It may have had a little more life left in it, but we figured since we smelled melting plastic when it was trying to be on and not succeeding, we should report it, and then the guy came and said it was pretty much dead. Thank you, ceiling fan. You have served us well.

So we will be getting a new ceiling fan, and in the meantime, we will have a dark, dark living room.

In other news, we got a package from CD Japan today, and it was filled to the brim with shiny! Including the "shiny moon" single, which is the ending theme to the Saiyuki Burial OVA, sung by -8. We haven't listened to the CD yet, but we did read the track list on the back and we're very excited to see there's an a cappella version! It's been a while since we've watched the OVA, so I don't remember what the song sounds like, but I remember it being very very pretty.

What else did I want to talk about? Oh yeah! When we went to get our pictures taken on Saturday, we pulled out our DSes and played some Hyakunin Isshu while we waited for the photographer to be ready, and the guy sitting next to us realized what we were playing and had a total nostalgia trip because his dad was in the military so he grew up in Japan and used to play Hyakunin Isshu in elementary school. That was pretty neat. He told us about how he and his brother would collect manga, and then his mom would put it out for the paper goods exchanger guy to take and get rid of, but they would go try to get it back, so he said that if they helped him out, they could have whatever they wanted. So they'd help the guy out and get all their manga back, plus some of the other manga that other people were getting rid of, and their mom couldn't make them give it back because they'd worked for it.

What else did I want to talk about?




I got nothing. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting another shiniful package from CD Japan, our ceiling fan light fixture that has served us lo these past two and three-fourths years, hall and kitchen lights to prevent us from going blind by watching TV in a dark room, the kitties not escaping while the maintenance guy was working on the fan, and figuring out to turn the fan off before anything ignited.
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