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Aaaaand we're back!

Didja miss us? I say, as if we've been gone that long. Sheesh.

We disappeared again today because we were having Kimee's birthday dinner. Steve made hamburgers, but instead of just grilling the meat, he had to go and mix onions and other stuff in it, and try to act like we wouldn't notice. And Mom was in on it! Actually, people who aren't crazy probably would like them a lot, but to us, onions are the enemy.

But other than that, it was actually pretty fun. We spent most of the time playing Mafia. I ended up being a detective like three times, and I was only Mafia once, but we ended up not playing that round, because I accidentally gave myself away before we started. Eheh. But one time I was a detective and Athena was Mafia and she killed me! She almost got the town to execute my partner, too. That was a close one. But justice prevailed! Oh yeah.

Also, I accompanied Celeste when she sang in Sacrament Meeting today. I don't know what it is about accompanying special musical numbers that makes it so I can't stop shaking. I can accompany congregational hymns with no problems, but for some reason, when it's a fancy number... It was kind of funny to me, though, because when I went through the piece this morning, I kept having trouble with the last page, so I felt like in La Corda d'Oro when you practice the first three pages of whatever you're going to perform until you have 100, but you just don't have time to get that last one done. But I think only about two people reading this will understand that reference. And it's really the only reason I wanted to bring the whole thing up.

Today I'm thankful for cheeseburgers without onions, Mom being super nice and cooking us French bread pizzas when she realized we hadn't eaten dinner (there were two eating areas, and we were in the other one from Mom), not living in Birthdayville (where two people die every day), being able to count sometimes, and Sarah actually having a free day on November 16th.
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