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Why aren't we playing video games yet?

Today has been long and filled with things that aren't HaruToki3. I had to practice the piano because Celeste is singing in Sacrament Meeting tomorrow and asked me to accompany her. So about half my time was taken with that, and then there was the photo thing.

It really was...actually about what we expected it to be, but more time-consuming, because I forgot that after they take the pictures you have to come back to look at them. It was very boring. The actual shooting was alright, but I was annoyed at everything for some reason, so I was posing with a little attitude, and then when it was Athena's turn the photographer told her to pose like I had, which is silly, because Athena's the demure one. What was really weird was after she took pictures of me standing, the photographer told me to lie down on my stomach, and I was like, "Seriously?" and she was like, "Yeah." I'm all for cute and girly, but today was not a good day for it.

The whole experience really just made us want to take awesome cosplay pics. This was probably exacerbated by the fact that we've been watching America's Next Top Model, which has a very cosplay aspect to it.

But we did get to do some of our own stuff today. We worked on the Plans I mentioned earlier. We got really close to actually implementing them, but with all the other stuff going on, I started stressing out, so we decided it could wait. But we are making progress, which is very very good. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Also, we got a phone call from Optimus Prime today! Apparently Steve has joined the Decepticons. I don't know if playing on that during the whole photo experience would have made things better or worse, but Mom and Steve did realize that we were doing them a huge favor, so we probably would have gotten away with it. Oh well.

But now I've updated LJ, and hopefully soon we'll get to play video games. Today I'm thankful for phone calls from Optimus Prime, bribe candy, peanut butter dream bars, having time to practice today, and cosplay inspiration.
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