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Mom's been wanting family pictures for a very very long time. She's been having a difficult time getting them for two reasons. One, our oldest sister lives too far away for her to come be in a "family portrait," and two, we still haven't been convinced that her husband is someone we want to call family, so we keep refusing. I want to say it's not that we still hold a grudge against him for all the trauma we went through in 2004, just that we still haven't adjusted to the idea. Of course, part of that is that we really don't want to adjust to it, because we still don't agree with Steve about oh, just about everything.

So now Mom's found a way around that. Instead of getting a family portrait, she'll just frame individual portraits of all the kids. And so, she called and asked if we had plans for tomorrow, and, on confirming that we don't, she informed us that she'd made appointments for us to go get our pictures taken in the afternoon.

I can't explain exactly why, but for some reason the idea makes me ill. Athena says she just doesn't like the idea of having a chunk of her afternoon taken away so she can sit in a waiting room and then sit in front of a camera, when she could be at home doing any number of things she'd rather be doing. Especially because we have to get dressed up. But that kind of stuff is just annoying, not sickening.

Athena also came up with the best way out of it when she said, "The question is how do you feel about having sharpee on your face for the next week or so?"

We opted against that, because we know it'd really hurt Mom's feelings. So I called Mom back and told her we reeeeeally didn't want to do this, and she asked why. Darn it. She said if we really didn't want to, she'd respect that, probably because she knows we're saps who'd probably do it anyway. (Incidentally, the two of us and Scott are the only ones having our pictures taken. She first said it was because we never had our senior portraits done, but when I pointed out that we had had fancy pictures taken senior year of high school, just not for school, she said, "But I want recent pictures!" This seems unfair to me.)

So we decided we guess we can do it if she lets us send copies to Dad. We suspect part of the reason she wants the pictures is so she can have pictures that Dad doesn't have, and since we're always so reluctant to have our pictures taken (unless we're at a convention♥), pictures of us would be like ultra-rare premium deluxe cards. We don't know that that's how they think of it, but that idea--that our picture is like some prize or something--is more than a little annoying. (Though to be honest, we really don't mind having our picture taken--just getting all dressed up for a portrait seems like way more effort than it's worth. Maybe we have messed up priorities. Eheh.)

Anyway, the point is, if we can send the pictures to Dad, then it lessens that feeling, whether that feeling has any basis in fact or not. Now the trick is figuring out how to bring it up.

Today I'm thankful for having honey-nut Chex Mix to eat tonight, calcium, that moth Mimsy was staring at last night that made her hold her head at a regal-looking angle (so cute♥), kitties following us around, and being able to spend all day in pajamas today.
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