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Kind of jumbled

My original plan was to have a final lament on the new TokyoPop format today before we shut up about it, but a very kind senior editor sent us a tip that will hopefully make our lives much easier, so you've all been spared. And it would have been so wonderfully dramatic, too *grin*

Instead, here's an amusing anecdote about FHE last night. We walk into the church, and our former home teacher happens to walk out of the cultural hall right as we get to the door. It was almost as if he knew we were there, because as he appeared he said, "I'm almost done with disc 3 and then you can borrow it." And then he walked back into the cultural hall and disappeared. How did he know we were there? We hadn't said anything as we entered the church building. Maybe that's only amusing to us. Anyway, the disc 3 he was referring to was from Stephen Colbert's book I Am America (And So Can You!), which we spotted in his car when he gave us a ride home from church on Sunday. We're very excited about this, but we're not sure what we'll do while we listen to it, because we have a really hard time just sitting and listening.

Also, I'm very tired today, and so cannot use exclamation points very much. It's been kind of gloomy, too, and since we decided to take the day off and read, I was reading Kieli, which is not always a bright and cheery book (still more proof that cuteness is not a requirement in things the Twins like), so that didn't really help.

But we have plans to finally go to a bookstore today, so we're very very happy. Now we just have to remember all the things we want to check on while we're there. And! when I called Mom about going to the bookstore, she revealed that she will be going to Los Angeles for an audit this week, so I presented her with the crazy idea of, instead of her leaving super early and coming back super late, we go with her and stay in a hotel and go to Disneyland after! We have two deadlines at the end of the month, so we're not sure it's the best of ideas, but we're pretty sure we can handle it anyway. Oh wait, we have plans to watch Princess Tutu with our friend who was our visiting teacher until last month on Thursday. I guess we'll have to cancel. Maybe next time.

Today I'm thankful for tips to make life easier, getting to go to a bookstore today, getting to listen to Stephen Colbert's book, getting our sink fixed, and Hot Pockets.
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