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We knew they couldn't kill Kira off. Still, we're very glad that he's confirmed to be alive, and his injuries weren't even that serious. Take that, Shinn!

Man, that kid needs an attitude adjustment. We always did love Athrun. Thank you so much for punching Shinn in the face!

And Clay is so cute. We got an e-mail from him yesterday that we chose not to read because it might contain Destiny spoilers, and it did. But he was talking about how Orb is just like Japan, so I said that if Japan is Orb, then America is probably the Earth Alliance. So in his response, he's like, "Well, I guess you could say America is the Earth Alliance. Or you could say it's ZAFT. But it's actually very different from both of them, because it's way better."

Okay, so I paraphrased that last bit, but it's still cute. And typing this up, we realized that Clay probably knows more about the politics going on here than we do. That's pretty sad. Maybe we should go watch the news...
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