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Today's Sacrament Meeting was about the Sabbath, so I thought I'd type up some of my thoughts about it.

One of the points we were a little wary of leaving in the interview we mentioned the other day was the bit about only actually working for four hours a day. We haven't given up trying to get TokyoPop to change their new format, and if our biggest argument is that this format uses up too much time, it may not work if they find out we don't spend much time working anyway. We don't talk about it much anyway, mostly because it doesn't come up, but also because we feel spoiled sometimes, only having to work four hours a day.

The reason I bring this up in relation to the Sabbath is that I think one of the reasons we've been so blessed in being able to pay the bills without working very long (okay, so there was the one year when we were really struggling, but that wasn't because we couldn't get the work done--it was because there wasn't any work to get done) is that we've made it a point to not work on Sundays. We heard a story about someone (I think it was our grandpa) who used to work on Sundays, and he justified it because his work was writing books on religion. One week, he got a strong impression or something that told him to rest that Sunday. He did, and he got more work done the next week than he'd ever gotten done before. It must have been a significant amount more, because I seem to remember it ending with him never working on Sunday again--else why would the story even be told? It'd be kinda lame otherwise.

And so I think by not working on Sundays, we're enjoying the blessing of being able to work faster. I don't want to say I know for sure that that's the case, but I'm also not wanting to test the theory by starting to work on Sundays. I do know that when I worked at Disneyland, and therefore was required to work on Sundays, we got a lot less work done translating. That was a very stressful time.

But I also think it's important to have doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, etc., and they have to work on Sundays, because all the things they protect us from don't stop just because it's Sunday. And so I'm very grateful to them for being willing to give up their day to rest and recharge, because I know that if you don't take a break about once a week, you break down a heck of a lot easier. Er, more easily. And that goes along with my belief that the commandments aren't there to prove your obedience, but to make life easier.

I had thought of so many other things I wanted to talk about, too, but now I can't remember what they were. That makes me kind of sad. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting a ride home today (getting rides from other people means we get a little extra socialness), having fun happy things to keep us up talking last night, Italian-English dictionaries, having a day to rest every week, and all the people I mentioned in that last paragraph under the cut.
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