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Hey everybody!!! We just got word that Park Coopers interview with us is up! Go here and check it out!

In other completely unrelated news, Oreo has taken my chair and refuses to give it back. So now I'm sitting in a different chair, which is a little lower to the ground, and it feels rather odd.

It's a lovely rainy Friday, which would have been perfect for spending the entire day playing video games. Instead, we spent it working. It was a little maddening at times, but we finished the translation, and now we feel accomplished. But there's also a feeling of, "What are we doing updating LiveJournal!? There's video games to be played!!!"

And yet I feel ending this entry here would be wrong. Not that there's much else to say. I suppose I could talk about how torn we are between Tsukimori and Ousaki. We decided we liked Tsukimori the best from watching the anime of Corda, but Ousaki-sempai wasn't really in the anime much, so now that we're getting a better look at his character, we're completely in love. But Tsukimori is so adorable, too! He (Tsukimori) currently stands a better chance anyway, by virtue of the fact that he's at school every day. But Ousaki is voiced by Kamina! But Tsukimori is voiced by Kitan! But the voice actor shouldn't matter anyway because they play all sorts of characters with different personalities! Still... it's Kamina. I mean... come on.

Okay, I think that's enough rambling to make an entry of decent length.

Today I'm thankful for getting to be interviewed, copy & paste, having spare chairs, being done with poetry cards for now, and lovely rainy weather.
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