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March of Dimes

We're kind of freaking out right now. Remember a while back when I mentioned doing this thing with the March of Dimes? Well, we kept ignoring it for a while, but now we're thinking we did commit to it and it would be sucky of us to not follow through. The whole thing is freaking us out, though, because we have a hard enough time approaching people without asking for their money. We only just recently checked the details (lame, I know), and what's going to happen is they'll send a police officer over to "arrest" us and take us to "jail" where we'll spend an hour "behind bars" "having fun." Apparently this "fun" also involves calling more people and asking for pledges, which, to us, is rather terrifying.

But we figure we can at least raise money online before the thing (which is on Thursday; eheh), so if any of you are feeling especially generous and like saving babies, please go here and make a donation!

I thought about changing the message, but I also thought it might be interesting for people to be able to read their whole premise for this eventy thing. Then again, going back and reading it, I don't think my friends will necessarily be inspired to help get me out of prison if they keep admitting it's not actually going to be prison-like. But then again, honesty is a good thing.

In other news, our lease is coming up for renewal again. When we went to put stuff in the mail, the manager caught us and asked us what we wanted to do, and pointed out that if we keep going with the six month leases, our rent will keep going up, so if we're just going to stay here anyway, we should go with a twelve month lease so our rent doesn't keep going up. This is very helpful advice, and much appreciated, but it does get us thinking. We hate the idea of committing to going through another Fresno summer, but we also hate the idea of moving. Because, let's face it, moving sucks.

And then there's the matter of the roommate, who is living here semi-illegally, since we didn't get written permission for her to stay and her name's not on the lease. Not wanting to leave her high and dry is part of why (or rather, one of our excuses) we haven't thought too hard about moving. But she's supposedly moving out very soon.

So now we have to figure out what to do. We're not ready to up and move to Japan. Maybe we should stay here, save our money, and take a few trips to Japan to get ourselves familiar with everything. People keep suggesting the JET Programme, but they say they don't want people having side jobs, and we don't want to give up translating. Those people then proceed to tell us that, "Yeah, they say that, but that's not how it is." But still.

Maybe we should go with the six month lease under the firm understanding that we are to use those six months to find some other place to live. The problem is, we don't know where we want to go. We're going to have to think hard about this one.

In less stressful news, our order from Play Asia is set to arrive tomorrow morning! Yay! We have set firm rules for ourselves that we are not allowed to play any love sims until we've gotten a substantial amount of poetry studying and/or translating done.

Today I'm thankful for the convenience of the internet, apartment managers who care, superfast shipping, being able to send packages from the apartment (and not having to go to the post office), and fun TV being on tonight.
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