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Theories and Predictions

You can't expect us to have finally gotten a hold of Kingdom Hearts after more than a year and not play it soon after, right? So we decided it's our Sunday game, although I'm not sure how appropriate it is to beat up small children on Destiny Islands on the Sabbath. (Athena: What? They're the same age as Sora.)

Again I'm reminded of how much I love Riku. Yes, he does turn stupid, but I still hold that he's not as stupid as he could be, and I think I might have acted similarly in his situation. Heck, the first time we played through, we suspected we might be more like Riku than Sora. And after Chain of Memories... wow. I love Riku.

Anyway, I have a theory about why Wakka sounds so dumb in Kingdom Hearts, but so cool in Final Fantasy X. See, in Kingdom Hearts, he's played by Dee Bradley Baker, who we know to be a good voice actor, because he plays Robin's DNA buddy in Teen Titans ("My name's Larry now! Yay!"), among some other well-performed characters. So why couldn't he play Wakka?

My theory: He did it on purpose. See, he actually played FFX, and really liked the cast, or at least Wakka (you have to admit, he's the one of the best voices in that game), and he thought that if he was bad enough at delivering the lines, they would give up and go get John Di Maggio, the original dub voice of Wakka. So why did he even audition, you ask? He didn't; they just kind of called him up and said, "Hey, we need you to record some lines for us. By the way, how's your Polynesian accent?"

Disclaimer: All theories and predictions are only the opinion of the blogger, and do not necessarily have any basis in reality.

By the way, Squall fights dirty. Attacking while Sora's using a potion... Tsk, tsk.

And now for our predictions! We actually made these predictions back when we were playing Chain of Memories. And for all we know, they've already announced the entire cast of KH2 (which, by the way, we don't want to know; we're going to buy the game regardless of cast), so these predictions might mean nothing. If, however, they haven't announced the cast, and our predictions are right, I want them to be on the record.

First, that mystery kid in the white shirt with the blue lines on it. We think he's going to be played by Jesse McCartney. And second, if Namine ever shows up again (I think we might be happier if she doesn't, but I suspect she might end up with Riku, blah), I would actually be surprised if she's not played by Hillary Duff. She seriously almost seems like she was created specifically for Hillary Duff. And that kind of makes me sad.

And there are my predictions. But again, if you already know the cast, please don't tell us. Well, you can tell us that you know, but if you mention any names other than Haley Joel Osment, Tony Anselmo, Bill Farmer, or Wayne Allwine, you will make us very sad.
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