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It's been a long, been a long, been a long, beenalong daaaay♪

So I edited the time to an hour ago because I couldn't bear the idea of not having an entry for today/yesterday. We knew we'd be going out, but we had no idea we'd be out for soooo loooong.

After the second session of General Conference, Mom called and asked what we were doing, and since we happened to be doing nothing at the time she called, I told her as much. She asked if we wanted something to do, and that led to a maddening conversation in which I insisted I wouldn't agree to do anything before I knew what it was, but she kept insisting it was a yes or no question and wouldn't tell me anything until I answered. I finally wore her down enough to tell me that she and Kimee were going to Michael's and wanted to know if we would like to join them.

While we waited for them to show up, we did a little bit of research and found out that the card game they were playing in Lagoon Engine is, in fact, available on Nintendo DS, and that had us too excited to sit around waiting for people. So I had the great idea that I could play Disney songs on the piano, and we could have a Rousing Disney Sing-Along while we waited. But they got here before we got to it, and I was disappointed. So instead, we grabbed our Disney's Greatest Hits CDs to listen (and sing along) to as we drove to Michael's. As we listened to the CD, it was discovered that Kimee hadn't seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so Mom decided we would come back to our place and get it, and watch it while the gentlemen folk were at the Priesthood session of Conference.

I was surprised that Mom actually put down her knitting to watch some parts of the movie. And I had a clever observation about something in the movie that I've forgotten by now, alas.

After Priesthood session we went to Hometown Buffet, as was apparently the tradition since before Mom married Steve. There was good conversation, and at one point Celeste told Mom that Kimee wanted more than anything for Celeste to get a new sweater. She wouldn't have been so persistent about it, but she just jumped in the car when we came to get Hunchback, and didn't think to bring any money with her, and we went to Hometown Buffet, which happened to share a parking lot with some cheap clothing store. I suggested that if Celeste asked Kimee to tell Mom that, Kimee would play along, and Celeste decided that was a brilliant idea. She ran over to Kimee, who was getting an ice cream cone, to carry out the evil scheme, but Mom didn't look too worried.

When Kimee returned, Celeste (I think it was Celeste; it may have been Steve's friend's (step?)son) asked Kimee what she wanted more than anything. So Kimee told Mom she wanted Celeste to get a new sweater, as all of us who know how kids think suspected. But then Mom asked if Kimee would be willing to give up her ice cream for it. Kimee hugged her ice cream to her (as much as you would with an ice cream cone), but after thinking about it for a few minutes, she really did hand her ice cream over to Mom. And so Mom gave her money and Kimee and Celeste went to the thrift store where Kimee picked out a sweatshirt (Celeste had been saying sweater, but she really meant sweatshirt) for Celeste.

There was also fudge at Hometown Buffet, which of course(?) meant that now Mom had to try to make some.

After that, it had been decided that we would all go back to Mom's place where Athena and I (or rather Athena) would help Scott with his math homework. While Athena and Scott were working on it, I pulled out the copy of I Hate You More Than Anyone that we'd brought along, and Kimee was immediately very interested. Unfortunately, that comic is way too full of text for an almost-nine-year-old who's not used to reading manga to be able to follow. Fortunately, we had also brought along a copy of Hockey Club, which she had a much easier time with, and even liked enough that she wanted us to leave it there when we came home.

Meanwhile, Mom attempted to make fudge. The attempt failed, alas.

Scott finished his homework at about ten-thirty, and he had been promised that we'd watch Click once that happened. And that's why we ended up getting home so late. Poor Mom has to get up at four to take Steve to the airport, too.

Today I'm thankful for finally making it home, Mom being nice enough to pick up a box of cereal for us when she went to the grocery store to get fudge ingredients, Rousing Disney Sing-Alongs, being able to find anything you can imagine on Nintendo DS, and getting to watch General Conference.
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