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Stuff happened today!

Among those things: Mimsy finding my happy Nerf ball from the Block Party Bash at California Adventure. Now she's scratching it up, and we can't decide if we want to rescue it, or just come to terms with the fact that it's a perfect cat toy.

Anyway, today was another day in which we were pulled out of bed by delivery people. That's twice this week! We weren't expecting anything anymore, so we had no idea what it might be. Turns out it was from DC Comics (more specifically CMX, but the return address label said D.C. Comics), so normally we'd think it was the book for our next assignment, but the contents seemed too big for that. Since we've been stressing out all week, my first thought was that they (for some odd reason) might have sent us a package to let us know we're fired, but frankly, that's stupid. (Athena: I think we're social hypochondriacs.)

So we opened the package and inside were four complimentary copies of I Hate You More Than Anyone! (It really does just feel odd typing that title...) We weren't sure if we would get complimentary copies from CMX, so this was very happy. And then we realized we didn't have anybody to share them with, alas. Even our own mother seems to avoid reading any the stuff we translate. The roommate has refused to read manga in the past on the grounds that trying to read it would confuse her. It's a pretty flimsy excuse, considering the fact that one of her favorite subjects in college was Arabic, which also reads right to left, but anybody who's going to make up lame excuses to get out of reading manga isn't cool enough to read it anyway.

Maybe we should take our comp copies to Family Home Evening and read them while we wait for it to start. Then people will see it and ask what we're reading, and we can just loan it to them. And while we're waiting for people to be curious, we'll be reading our own adaptations and going, "What were we thinking!?" *grin*

Later in the day, I opened up Outlook to check e-mail, and discovered there was one new message. So I click to go to the inbox, and while waiting for that to load, I look over and keep talking to Athena about whatever it is we were talking about. When we finally look back at the monitor, we notice that the e-mail is from our boss at Del Rey, and is entitled "New series". E-mails like that are our favorites! And! it's a series we've seen the anime of and really like, so we're totally excited about it. I wish I could talk about it more. Hopefully we'll remember all the stuff we have to say about it later, when we can talk about it.

Today I'm thankful for having more to talk about today than roommates and formats, getting a new series to work on (eeeeee!), comp copies of Sekaichi, imaginactments, and fun new words invented by Stephen Colbert (imaginactment is from his expose on Cookie Monster, back in his correspondent days).
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