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Fun with formats

I think my thought processes are working much better today. Yay! Less stressed and more just drained. But the drained-ness comes from working. We decided that since Lagoon Engine is two weeks past deadline, we'd better stop fighting it and just get to work. This also came from a theory presented by Jazz in Danny Phantom when talking about ghost hunting: I owe it to myself to try it once, so I can hate it in a more informed context.

Of course, there is the possibility that once we get used to it, we'll find out we don't hate it so much after all, but we're very stubborn so there's an element of, "I don't want to not hate it!" in there. And so it took me a while to stop myself from commenting on how I feel about this new format every time I got hung up somewhere. But then I realized that complaining about it will only make it worse, so I stopped. And then working stopped making me want to throw things and started just making me tired. After one CD's worth of work, we felt like we weren't make nearly as much progress as we normally would have, so we're thinking of going back and translating it again just so we'll know the time difference. We almost did it right away, but we figured we should wait until our "work day" was over, and do it more on our own time.

In other news... there's not really much other news except that I burned my thumb while we were baking cookies. I don't understand how anyone can take things out of the oven without using protective coverings, because I can't touch a hot pan for a second without burning myself.

Come to think of it, there is other new in that our roommate has plans to move out. She's very fickle though, so we're not entirely convinced that's going to be the case. So now we're just going to see what happens.

Today I'm thankful for having fresh-baked cookies, not having to start trying this new format on Hiyokoya, finding my Block Party Bash Nerf ball I got at California Adventure, potholders, and cold water.
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