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"Maybe you're just a liar magnet!"

I actually don't think that we're liar magnets; that's just the line that came into my head. Because I do think that we might be forgetful-people magnets. Or maybe we're like Kyo Toba in Lagoon Engine (the oldest one), who for some reason is always forgotten by everyone, to the extent that not even his immediate family remembers what he looks like, and consequently, we never get to see his face. It's a shame, really, because, being drawn by Yukiru Sugisaki, you know he's gotta be quite the bishounen.

Anyway, Mom forgot to pick us up for church today. I'm not angry about this, because we got a sincere apology, but it does make me wonder, because it seems to happen a lot. Our visiting teacher has now three times offered to take us to firesides and forgotten about it. Our other visiting teacher offered once to take us to institute and forgot. One time we had a roommate who claims to have entirely forgotten that we were home, thus not thinking to invite us to join her and her friends. That one was especially strange, because we never go anywhere.

So we tend to relate with Lagoon Engine's oldest Kyo. Except that then, when we finally do get to church, we have all these people come up to us and say things like, "So I hear you can speak Japanese," and, "So I hear you're going to Disneyland this week," and, "I was telling my friends about you!" Obviously people remember us enough to tell other people about us. Again, I don't mind--I just think it's very strange.

Oh well.

I had another Hoshi-san at AX dream last night. This time it could just be because we were translating the Saiyuki Reload matsuri mini-drama, because the dream did have the AniMatsuri. But then I would have expected it to be about Ishida-san, because it mostly involved saving goldfish.

They've already announced all the Guests of Honor, so unless he decides to tag along with Seki-san or someone, I'm thinking probably not this year. But it is interesting that I've had two of these dreams within a few weeks of each other. I can still hope.
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