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I chose this icon because it has a Sora in it.

Last night Mom called and asked if we'd finished reading Harry Potter. We haven't yet, because we're easily distracted by anime and video games, and work of course, so she was disappointed. As it turns out, she and Steve had made a bet and she had just lost. The annoying thing about this is that Steve won a bet based on guessing our behavior, and that's just not right! Not right, I say! I guess it's good that Mom had faith in us, though. So now I'm torn between wanting to hurry and finish it so as not to disappoint her and ignoring the whole thing because it's pretty dumb anyway. We were sort of planning on maybe reading more Harry Potter today (well, Athena would read Harry Potter and I would read Kieli). We might still do that.

But we started out the day by finishing watching Kaleido Star! Yay!

I was so annoyed at Layla, being all like, "No I wanna do the tenshi no waza! *whiny noise that I can't spell*" She's supposed to not be able to perform anyway! Though on the other hand I guess it would really suck for her to not be able to, and she was always wanting to do awesome stunts and things. But still! But of course it all turned out brilliantly.

I love a show that can make me cry for a long time because I'm so happy. It was awesome to see everyone's dreams come true. And Sora's jumping around as Odette in that crazy costume and we're like, "Wow, she's naked! I guess that's Fool's dream come true."

So that means everyone's dream came true except (dramatic pause) for Ken. *sniffle* He had the perfect opportunity to tell her, too! Augh!

Based on the extra stage, my theory is that he couldn't tell Sora he loves her because they needed to have him nayamu-ing for all the other episodes that they had thought up but weren't going to animate for some reason. I mean seriously, that whole thing they alluded to with Fool and the princess? They must have had more than that in mind. They could easily have dragged that out into another few episodes.

It's so frustrating because I was so happy with the way it ended (Anna's parents even were together again!) but then they had that extra stage and it's just like, "But! Wha!? Why!?" All it did was bring up more questions, which we probably would have forgotten about/not thought of if not for that crazy extra stage. Our version of the extra stage would have been all about Ken. Though on the other hand, it's very difficult to imagine his message getting through to Sora, and come to think of it, if he did confess his love to her, it's very possible that he'd be disappointed. Sigh. In that case, they just need to have a few more episodes to get her to like him romantically. They can do that, right? That is, you know, if the show was still going on. Argh.

One thing I wanted to mention that I don't think is a spoiler is that apparently Layla Hamilton is the Kaleido Star equivalent of Carter-san. Carter-san is a character in the videos we watched in Japanese class, and apparently everyone was in love with him, except for the one couple that was in love with each other, and the evil taxi driver. Maybe you had to be there.

Today I'm thankful for video games in which you can bring characters back to life, getting to see all of Kaleido Star (except for the Layla OVA; maybe someday), Marion and Jonathan having a duet, having time to do things like watch Kaleido Star and read Harry Potter today, and DVD technology.
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