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Squeaky wheel?

Remember how yesterday I was talking about how we kept getting our hopes up about something awesome and exciting happening and then being let down when awesome stuff kept not happening? Well, last night we got an e-mail from the husband of the rewriter of one of the titles we translate, asking us if we'd be interested in being interviewed for their web column. We're like, "Would we ever!!" Talk about interesting and exciting. Though at first it was a little scary, because we have a half-joking bad habit of always jumping to bad conclusions and when we got the e-mail entitled "Interview Request?" we were like, "Is it a virus!?" I think for a half second I thought it might be work related only scary, but that obviously didn't last or I'd be more sure.

So at first I thought it was a case of "the squeaky wheel gets the oil," in a kind of cosmic sense, since I don't think these people were reading our LiveJournal (unless they were, which is possible we guess). But then I remembered that we also decided to be proactive and that we have to start helping the awesome stuff to happen, so I have this theory that once you show the willingness to put forth effort like that, things start to happen on their own. Things have worked out that way kind of a lot for us. But that doesn't mean we're off the hook for figuring out what to record.

Anyway, we waited until this morning to respond to the e-mail, since last night was Sunday and ego-stroking doesn't seem like a good Sunday pastime. We haven't heard back yet, so we're not entirely convinced that the whole thing wasn't a dream, but he did e-mail twice (in the first e-mail he complimented our adaptation of Fruits Basket, so he wanted to correct himself and say "translation," which was good, because we didn't do the adaptation for Fruits Basket, and that would be kind of awkward if they were like, "And we especially liked how you adapted this line to say this!" and we'd be like, "Um... that's not how we had it. *hangs head*") so we think it's probably not. Whether or not it was, at least we had something to be excited about for a while, though it would be kind of a bummer if it was a dream. But if it was, then we could just make up our own interview and post it here and be total egomaniacs! Wheeeee! It is kind of like taking a meme, after all.

In other, and completely random, news, today we tried giant Smarties and they are gigantic! And the orange and green ones are murderously tangy. Murderously so!

Today I'm thankful for interesting and exciting things happening, not being killed by the giant Smarties (though they are tasty), getting to watch Toy Story last night, opportunities to talk about myself, and the spammers at the SARU forums being nice enough to mostly keep it in the Advertisements & Plugs forum thereby making it easier to clean up.
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