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Getting our hopes up

We ended up not going to the grocery store yesterday, which was annoying, so we cheered ourselves up by ordering pizza. And it was good pizza. But we were still frustrated with everything for no good reason so it was time for some video game therapy. Awesome as Final Fantasy XI is, we needed something with plot, so we decided to start Fire Emblem. That turned out to be a very good choice, because as soon as it started up, it showed a lot of pictures of very pretty boys, and then it played the music that's one of our favorite things to play on Band Brothers, so it made us very happy. Our only complaint is that if somebody dies in battle, they're gone forever. What's with that? By the time we figured that out, we'd already saved it, so we had to start all over to get Vanessa back. Fortunately, we were only like an hour and a half into it, so it wasn't too much of a problem.

In church today, a lot of people said hi to us, which was very nice. We needed that today.

One of the people who said hi to us was our former home teacher. He always asks how we're doing, and I usually answer with, "We're doing alright," and then he'll always respond with, "Just alright?" Sometimes I amend to say that things were actually good, and sometimes I explain why things really are just alright. Today it was the latter. But after I said I think we're going a little stir crazy and he said if we ever want to go anywhere call him and he left, I decided that wasn't really it. So then I was a little worried that I hadn't expressed myself properly, but oh well.

The main thing is, I think what the actual problem is lately we've been getting our hopes up about stuff that's not happening. Like yesterday. We had actually asked Mom if she'd take us to the grocery store when she called on Thursday. She said she couldn't and threw around a few ideas that would work for her grocery shopping but not so much for ours, and then she said if Celeste hadn't taken us shopping by Saturday (yesterday), she could maybe take us. Then she started throwing out ideas like taking us somewhere to buy new jeans, which is something we've been wanting to do for a long time but haven't really asked anyone to help us with because they all seem so preoccupied. So we were kind of excited about that, and then it didn't happen.

Then some days I wake up and convince myself that something totally awesome and unexpected is going to happen. Like this morning, I dreamed that we were at college, and for some reason Miyu Irino was there, and I ran into him at some store on campus, and he was asking me for quarters, but I didn't want to give him quarters because I needed them for laundry, but he convinced me to anyway and he was very grateful, and as kind of an afterthought, since he's sort of famous and all, I asked for his autograph in exchange. So he gave me his autograph and his phone number, and I was super excited because we were going to be friend with Miyu Irino and how awesome is that?

So I was really excited to check e-mail and stuff because I was sure that something awesome was going to happen. Not that I expected Irino-kun to e-mail us out of the blue, since he probably forgot we even exist and they probably didn't give the voice actors the e-mails of any of the people who e-mailed Boys' Angel anyway, but I thought there would be something, like an e-mail from Clay or maybe CD Japan shipped our CDs early (it's Monday there; it could have happened). But it was just the usual newsletters and coupons from Disney Outlet and stuff. So I was sad. I tried to be like, "That's okay, because that dream gives me hope that something awesome will happen, even if it'll be a while!" but it was still a little hard. So that's why it's so good that people said hi to us in church today.

Anyway, I think what I've gotten from this is that we need to be patient, and if we want to be friends with Miyu Irino, we're going to have to step up the pace with doing stuff that would get us closer to a situation where that could actually happen. We can't just sit around waiting for exciting things to happen without doing anything to help them along, after all! So the next steps would be getting to a bookstore for some stationery, and figuring out what kind of stuff we want to record with our shiny new microphone. I'm not sure if that second one is a good Sunday activity or not, because it's not really work--it's for fun. But it's also sort of an attempt at working towards... um, work? Since we want to be voice actresses in Japan. But we're so easily distracted on weekdays. Maybe we should say, "Okay, for at least twenty minutes on Monday, we have to mess with the microphone or we'll smack each other!" And then it's like, "But Monday's FHE, so maybe Tuesday would be better..." Oy, that procrastination. Maybe ten minutes on Monday? I think we can handle that. Hmm...

That actually wasn't very angsty at all! Yay! I also figure that part of the problem is letting this gratitude thing get to be too routine so I'm not as grateful for things as I should be. So hopefully, I can start doing better. Today I'm thankful floors, lots of people saying hi at church, Fire Emblem, the Fire Emblem music, and making predictions about stuff.
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