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A story of a kitty

I was going to update earlier, but then I realized I didn't have anything to update about. We spent most of the day reading and being annoyed that we haven't been to the grocery store, but that's at least half as much our fault as anyone else's. Okay, okay, at least as much our fault as anyone else's, so it would be silly to rant about that. And probably annoying to read about.

Instead we went to the living room to snack on some gummi worms, and Oreo gave me a very short but cute anecdote to write about. Thanks, Oreo!

So we're sitting on the couch eating gummi worms, and Oreo notices we're eating something, so he comes over to see what it is and if he might like it, as he tends to do every time we eat anything. He stood in front of Athena and stared at her, licking his lips, but Athena's decided that he's getting spoiled, so this time she said to him, "In an attempt to show you that not all food is for kitties, I'm not going to offer this to you to smell to see if you like it. But I know you don't like it anyway; trust me on this one." So Oreo took two steps to his right and stared at me instead.

And I'm a sucker, so I let him smell my gummi worms anyway. He tried to act like he likes them, but in the end, he decided he just couldn't do it, and went away, like he always does after he realizes he doesn't like something.

And that's our cute kitty story for the day. Now we should probably go call people and see if we can go grocery shopping. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for sour gummi worms, not having to share them with kitties, kitties apparently understanding English (such smart kitties!), having time to read Harry Potter and Kieli today, and Snickers ice cream bars.
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